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Florence, AL | Tue, September 1, 2015
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You said it

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Posted: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 12:00 am

  • “A funny thing happened last Sunday. Our preacher got on a Republican kick and expressing his views with a captive audience that couldn’t talk back. I confronted him and the elders to give me equal time to speak on the other side of the coin, the other issues and to hand out the data and information that is factual. And a funny thing happened, they backed down. They said they would start preaching Jesus Christ again.”

  • “UNA police are sending out notifications of assaults in the parking garage at UNA, or parking lots. They need to take some of their building fund money and expansion money and put in security cameras and make sure there’s a guard there to protect those young students.”

  • “Whoever called in that said Obama never had a decent job, they just don’t look at the facts, quite honestly. He’s been a professor. He’s been an attorney. But most of importance, he helped the poor and middle class in some impoverished areas. So, do your background check, my friend.”

  • “President Obama, I am praying that God will help you make the right decisions for us and what is best for America. And I am speaking to the world, let us all pray. We must all stop and be grateful.”

  • “I think Chick-fil-A will do very well in this area. This area is full of hate.”

  • “The TimesDaily editors should be watching Glenn Beck on Dish 212. Beck is the only man in America that tells you the connection between the White House and the Brotherhood of Muslims. TimesDaily should be warning its readers.”

  • “I’m a resident on Broadway Street in Muscle Shoals. About four blocks down from Second Street they’ve been trying to pave a 100-foot section of road for the last three weeks. They’ve kept about seven different vehicles and about 14 different people down there and still hadn’t got it done. They’ve already paved about three miles on Second Street. What’s up, city of Muscle Shoals?”

  • “That letter from Scott Morris to the TimesDaily is the best letter I’ve ever read in the paper. He nailed it.”

  • “I agree with the caller who said that they have trouble getting the Florence Police Department to answer their phones. We’ve had the same problem several times over the years, that somebody will not answer the phone at the Police Department when you need them.”

  • “Scott Morris’ letter in Friday’s TimesDaily hits the mark square on the target. I hope he keeps it up.”

  • “It’s so nice to live in a town that has no break-ins, arrests or breaking of the law. At least, it’s never reported in Tuscumbia”

  • “I want to say amen to the letter to the editor in Friday’s TimesDaily. This TimesDaily has become so biased when it comes to liberalism that you’re into progressivism and socialism. Come on, be a newspaper again. Newspaper, not a shoe for the Democratic Party.”

  • “Our garbage pickup, our rubbish pickup, our recycle pickup is the best service in town. Thanks a lot.”

  • “When are we going to quit depending on Bill Clinton’s word for anything? Look how he pointed his finger and lied about Monica Lewinsky before being impeached.”

  • “When you child comes home and says that he is hungry, or she is hungry, give them a healthy snack and a glass of water and then send them out to play to get their mind off of eating.”

  • “One month to go and Republicans have seen the message on the wall. They’re not only going to lose their presidency, but they’re going to lose big time in the Senate races. If only we could get rid of, you know, really bad people like we have here in north Alabama.”

  • “Grieving Packer fans, mostly from Wisconsin, were really upset when replacement referees lost the game for them because the NFL was trying to break the referees’ union. I wonder how they felt about their Wisconsin Republican governor and all the other Republican governors trying to break teachers, policemen, firemen and all other people that worked ...”

  • “Solar Power is a company that makes solar panels. It’s getting loans from taxpayers’ dollars. The government has no business giving taxpayers’ dollars to any company. When the government is in bed with the businesses, that is the true definition of fascism.”

  • “This is to Mr. Scott Morris that sent a letter to the editor, “Not TimesDaily’s finest,” if he doesn’t like reading the truth and only listens to Fox news propaganda, then he needs to cancel his subscription to the TimesDaily.”

  • “TimesDaily, why don’t you quit whitewashing Barack Hussein Obama and print the truth what he really is, what he’s really about. We’re losing America and we’re losing it quickly. I hope and pray America wakes up ... We’ve got a choice. We can either go the direction of communism or we can take our country back ...”

  • “To the person who wanted to know where Obama got his money, he got the first $2 million from two books that he wrote. That was the first time he had had much money and he paid off his student loans then.”

  • “I’m calling concerning the article on Dr. Womack, superintendent of Florence city schools. She’s paid $146,000 with a raise. She has 4,000 students in her system. Mr. Billy Valentine, superintendent of Lauderdale County schools, has 8,000 students and he would not take a raise because the teachers were not getting a raise.”

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