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Florence, AL | Sun, March 1, 2015
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Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 12:00 am | Updated: 10:51 am, Thu May 30, 2013.

  • “It’s perplexing to me this sudden rush of people going out and buying guns just because of an election. Now, these people apparently didn’t need the protection they think they need now before the election, but here they are going out and buying the guns. That’s irrational thinking. That’s acting on impulse. And if you combine those two emotions, some innocent person is going to get hurt.”

  • “Thomas Jefferson said the beauty of the Second Amendment is that it won’t be needed until they try to take it.”

  • “To the person who said, ‘Wake up, they’re coming to get our guns,’ that’s not true. Our president and vice president are trying to prevent the machine guns that killed 20 kids and six adults at this school out of the hands of people that’s not capable of having them and to get universal background checks. That’s all they’re trying to do. They’re not going to take your guns. All they’re trying to prevent is those kind of guns and get them out of the hands of people who don’t know how to use them and are crazy.”

  • “After reading the hysteria and the lack of information and knowledge that a lot of people call in about guns or the national debt or that Obama’s going to get you, you know, I used to work with an attorney and he had a byword. He’d just always say, ‘ignorance abounds.’ And, gosh, here in Alabama, it sure does.”

  • “Let’s accept it. Rich people aren’t happier than those of us who are not. They can just travel more and buy more stuff to fight over later.”

  • “President Obama, when we finally get our troops out of Afghanistan, are we going to stop wasting billions of dollars over there?”

  • “I was calling in regard to police departments having cameras and everything in their cars ... I was behind a Muscle Shoals policeman the other day that was on the phone. He ran across the yellow line twice. If it had been one of us, we would have been arrested.”

  • “I see in Saturday’s paper there’s another long article about the dangers of global warming. Answer me one question. What is the proper temperature for the world and since mankind came on the scene, how many years have we been at the proper temperature for the world? You don’t know because nobody knows. So, leave me alone. All you’re doing is spreading propaganda and nonsense.”

  • “Read the book of Daniel and see what God has done to nations that’s turned their back on him and leaders that have turned their backs on him. It happened then. It can happen now. America, let’s turn back to God. Let’s worship the one and only savior. He’s the one that made our nation. He’s the one that brought us so far and let’s pray for his nation of Israel that they’ll be able to withstand the onslaught that’s coming. And pray for America.”

  • “To the person that called in about the Muscle Shoals Police Department, they hit it on the head. They need to replace everybody over there but about two of them that’s good.”

  • “Please do something about the litter on East Second Street in Sheffield near the red light by Woodward Avenue. The rains recently have upped the ditches in water. People drive by. Our street is pitiful.”

  • “All these people that have committed crimes, serious crimes, have went through background checks and still went bad. The only way you’re going to stop crime is take the toys out of their hands. If they don’t have nothing to shoot with, then they can’t kill nobody with it. So, the best thing to do is disarm them. Because the people that done all these bad crimes were checked and they bought them legit - and they still done it.”

  • “I’m agreeing with the lady that posted about people worshipping the coach from Alabama. I absolutely agree. The state of Alabama has gone crazy over Alabama football and Crimson Tide. If that many people gets excited about praising the Lord, what they did praising Nick Saban and Alabama football, what a revival the turnout in the South.”

  • “This is in regard to the Tuscumbia/Littleville water predicament. For years we’ve had to pay an outrageous amount for our water to put in our homes in Colbert Heights from Tuscumbia through Littleville. So, it’s time we get a lower rate, a significantly lower rate. Let the people in Tuscumbia pay $30 to $40 a month water bill. Then maybe they’ll lower the rates.”

  • “You ought to put Cynthia Tucker’s column in the section with the funny papers, because that’s what it is. It’s really funny. The woman has no clue. The only other job I know she could get would probably be an adviser to Obama. She could probably walk right into that spot with her way of thinking ... her liberal view on everything.”

  • “I read in the paper and hear about all the time about the Second Amendment that gives people the right to bear arms. But what people don’t understand, when this right was given to them, the people only had single-shot guns. They didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. And back in those days if these weapons were used to inflict harm or kill someone else, the people were taken out in the court square and hung by the neck until dead. If we would start doing some of that type stuff again and get rid of some of these slick-tongued lawyers, the country would be a whole lot better off.”

  • “So Russellville is considering selling water to Littleville. We are on the Franklin County Water System that gets water from Russellville. One person pays $35 a month. Two people pay $51 a month, being conservative. A family of four pay $90 a month. If they can sell it to Littleville for less, why not sell it to Franklin County Water System for less? It’s a big rip-off.”

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