TUSCUMBIA — The recognizable Alabama Music Hall of Fame sign along U.S. 72 is about to get a face-lift.

On Thursday, the hall of fame board of directors approved the purchase of a new electronic sign that will replace the scrolling portion of the sign that was installed in 1990.

The 3 feet by 24 feet sign will be provided by SunTronics LED signs of Rogersville.

It will replace the scrolling portion of the sign that provides messages to motorists passing by the music attraction.

SunTronics Operations Manager Clevey White told board members the sign would cost $49,000, plus $3,000 to install. He said a Corinth, Mississippi, subcontractor will do the installation.

Hall of Fame Director Sandra Burroughs said the organization is also working with a company to repair neon tubes on the portion of the sign that includes the hall of fame's logo.

"As our main source of advertising, this sign is vital to our foot traffic," Burroughs said. "With the new LED lights, we could save money on utility bills, as well as gain back our advertising."

She said the scrolling portion of the sign was no longer functioning.

The original sign was installed by General Sign Company, which has tried to keep it serviced and repaired, but is having more and more difficulty finding parts. Burroughs said the company was scavenging parts from old signs to keep the hall of fame sign operating.

White said the new sign features 10 mm pixels, which provide the best resolution available. It will allow the hall of fame to display photos from the museum to passing motorists. He brought a portable sign that features 10 mm pixel resolution to demonstrate the quality.

He said the scrolling sign the hall has now is "totally obsolete."

Since the company is based in Rogersville, repairs can be completed, usually in a day, and parts are kept onsite, White said.

"This is a landmark," White said. "We did everything we could to get you the best price."

There was no discussion about when the new sign will be installed.


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