FLORENCE — The Florence Police Department will be hosting its annual National Night Out today at the Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum on Veterans Drive.

From 7 to 9 p.m., children will be able to play on an inflatable and enjoy free drinks and activities with FPD’s specialty units while taking steps to ensure their safety.

“National Night Out is an excellent program that allows us to build better relationships with our community, which, in turn, builds safer neighborhoods,” said Officer Justin Hill.

“It is also an opportunity for children in our community to interact with first responders and see the equipment they use day in and day out, while also learning about a wide variety of safety topics and participating in fun and friendly activities. This is an event that we look forward to every year.”

Hill said Bobby Champagne’s Allstate office will provide another safety opportunity — Operation KidSafe.

Operation KidSafe will have its digital imagery equipment on hand to provide parents with a free safety kit for their child. The kit includes digital fingerprints and a photograph.

According to an event flyer, the equipment will capture the child’s picture and fingerprints using a digital video capture device, digital inkless fingerprint capture device, and specialized software. The data is then assembled, and parents are given a high-quality, paper-sized printout to provide to law enforcement in the event the child goes missing.

The process remains private with no database or records stored, according to the flyer.

Children 1 year and older, as well as special needs adults, are encouraged to attend.

For information on National Night Out, go to natw.org.

—kendyl.hollingsworth@timesdaily.com or 256-740-5757. Follow on Twitter @TD_KendylH


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