FLORENCE — Nine houses are scheduled for demolition as part of a city effort to remove dilapidated structures.

Building official Gary Williamson said this is part of an annual program that has removed hundreds of blighted structures in the city in the last decade alone.

"Hopefully, by cleaning up some of those properties it'll help with reducing crime and help with property values," Williamson said.

The City Council approved the projects in May. Williamson said the city's budget this year includes $50,000 for the work.

"And, of course, we place liens against these properties when they're demolished," Williamson said. "Sometimes we recover money from those liens and we put it back in that."

He said the city tries to receive the reimbursements through legal means but usually does not succeed.

"We may recover 5% or 10% of it and it may be several years before we get it," Williamson said.

Houses that are included in the program come from a list the city maintains. A city inspector goes to the structures and makes a report on their condition. From there, the council determines whether the properties on the list are nuisances.

Holes in floors, collapsed ceiling sections, collapsed porches and rot are among common issues listed in the reports on these nine structures.

"We work through the list," Williamson said. "It may have started from a complaint in a general area, and we try to work all that's in that immediate area.

"Through our program and through our community development program, we're probably at 350 to 400 houses in the last 10 years that have been removed."

The addresses of the nine structures are:

• 18 Hudson St.

• 113 Harris St.

• 115 Harris St.

• 213 Perry St.

• 216 S. Broadway St.

• 317 Enterprise St.

• 613 E. Limestone St.

• 615 E. Limestone St.

• 1106 Veterans Drive

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