FLORENCE — A Killen man who promised to develop a $3 billion theme park in the Shoals was sentenced to 10 years in prison Tuesday, and must repay investors more than $7 million.

Bryan Keith Robinson stood before Lauderdale County Circuit Judge Gil Self and told a number of victims in the audience that he never intended for what happened to have happened.

Robinson then apologized to the victims who had invested in what officials called a “scheme,” and said he intended to repay “every cent” he owed.

Robinson pleaded guilty to securities fraud. Self sentenced him to serve 10 years in state prison and he must repay $7,017,790.33.

In 2015 Robinson announced funding was secured to build DreamVision SoundScape amusement park in the Shoals that would open in 2019.

Records indicate that in December 2016, the Alabama Securities Commission began an investigation and issued its order against Robinson.

Court documents indicate there were 42 defendants who invested in Robinson’s plan.

The documents claim Robinson told investors he would invest their funds to finance the project. Instead he used most of the funds “for personal expenses, for other investments not related to the stated purposes, for which the investors would not have agreed, and to repay in Ponzi-style payment monies to other investors.”

According to the report, the fraudulent acts began in October 2011 and continued through December 2015.

During that time, the document points out that Robinson got individuals involved in investment contracts for “real estate, an amusement park, a movie production, a Broadway production, prime bank investments, revolving credit cards and a water filtration system.”

The court document accuses Robinson of engaging in an act or course of business “which operated as a fraud or deceit” upon the victims.

On Feb. 11, 2015, Robinson, DreamVision founder Rick Silanskas and Chief Creative Officer Don Logan announced plans for a $3.5 billion DreamVision project in the Shoals. Two days earlier, they announced plans for a $3.5 billion park in Fort Worth, Texas.

Neither project was ever started.

During the presentation in the Shoals, they said they had not selected a specific location, but Robinson said funding had been secured for the project.

Robinson, managing member of Robinson Capital Investments in Florence, sponsored a presentation at a Florence restaurant regarding the Real Estate Investor Program offered by his company. The meeting occurred in the fall of 2014, according to documents.

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