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A plaque of Dred Scott is among those at the Walk of Honor at River Heritage Park in Florence.

FLORENCE - The great-great-granddaughter od Dred Scott will speak at an event Monday on the University of North Alabama campus.

She will be the featured speaker at "A Case of Justice and Freedom: A Discussion with Lynne M. Jackson" at 6 p.m. in the UNA Communications Building, room 131.

The event is in honor of Black History Month. UNA's Office of Diversity and Institutional Equity, and Project Say Something have partnered to bring Jackson to the Shoals. 

Organizers say the event will be a powerful time to reflect on Dred Scott’s efforts to obtain freedom from oppression, change for his family and the continuing pursuit of justice in America. Jackson will also discuss Dred Scott’s connection to north Alabama.

Jackson is president and founder of the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation, with a mission to educate the public of the critical impact of the Dred Scott Decision and the struggle for freedom of Dred and Harriet Scott through commemoration, education and reconciliation.

Project Say Something is a nonprofit organization with a mission to unify, educate, heal, and empower communities to realize social justice through non-violent communication and direct action against racism, poverty and related forms of oppression.

The organization has been engaged in a campaign to erect a monument of Dred and Harriet Scott in front of the Lauderdale County Courthouse. The UNA Office of Diversity and Institutional Equity’s (ODIE) mission includes advancing cultural competence. For more information contact Project Say Something at 256-415-0104 or UNA ODIE at 256-765-6341 or at odie@una.edu.


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