Beth Brumley, the primary health science instructor and Certified Nursing Assistant program coordinator for Colbert County schools has been named Region 2's "New Teacher of the Year" by the Association for Career and Technical Education.

Brumley is now in the running for the national award to be announced in December at an awards presentation in Anaheim, California.

She is one of five finalists for the national title.

The "Teacher of the Year" award is given to teachers who have made significant contributions toward innovative programming in career technical education. 

Individuals who have three to five years experience qualify for the "New Teacher" award.

Brumley is in her fifth year at Colbert Heights High School, where she began the Health Science Program by transforming a former Economics Department into a full-scale simulation lab and classroom.

She has grown the program from about 12 students per class in her first year to full classes of 25 to 35 students, with credentialing available in Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Certified Patient Care.

Those and other programs in the health science field are now offered to all students in the Colbert County system.

Since the inception of the CNA licensure program in 2015, Brumley has had 60 students acquire certification.

She said her vision is to help students in hopes of a professional health care career obtain their dreams. She said that vision includes ensuring that "no student will ever have a feeling of not being smart enough for the career of their dreams when they walk out of my classroom."

"Being recognized with this award in our region is an overwhelming honor, especially knowing the other educators' accomplishments that were nominated for this award," she added. "There are not enough words to explain what this award means to me as well as my students."


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