COLBERT HEIGHTS — A Colbert County High School freshman accused of assaulting two teachers at the alternative school faces an expulsion hearing on Thursday.

The incident at the alternative school, which is located on the Colbert Heights High School campus, occurred earlier this month, school officials said Thursday.

The male student has been suspended from school since the incident, pending the outcome of Thursday's hearing with the Colbert County School Board.

Superintendent Gale Satchel said the student, who was not identified due to his juvenile status, had been in the school system for only a short time, having transferred from Ohio.

Satchel said alternative school teachers Bob Montgomery and Tommy Buckner reported that the boy cursed and assaulted them.

Montgomery declined comment on the incident, deferring to Satchel.

Colbert County Sheriff Frank Williamson said Buckner filed a report on Nov. 4 against the student for assault and harassment, listing both men as victims.

Williamson said the student has not been arrested, and the case has been turned over to Colbert juvenile authorities.

Satchel said the student was suspended immediately after the incident.

During the expulsion hearing, school board members will hear from both the student and the two named teachers.

Satchel will make a recommendation to the board at the conclusion of the hearing. 

If expelled, the student will not be allowed to apply within the Colbert County school system for an amount of time to be determined by the board, which may be up to 180 days or the equivalent of one school year.

Satchel said the district operates a Second Chance program through its alternative school and expulsions have dwindled significantly since its implementation.

"We understand that all kids come from different backgrounds and experiences, and with our alternative program we keep that in mind," Satchel said.

"We are never condoning of any type of outburst or violent behavior from students, and no teacher should ever be touched or threatened. In this situation, we're taking the next steps of hearing both sides and a decision will be made," she said.


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