TUSCUMBIA — The Deshler High School band director is awaiting the board of education's decision as to whether supplemental back pay and days cut from his teaching contract will be reinstated.

Craig Weeks, the school's band director for the past 15 years, who also works with the middle school band program, appeared before the school board Tuesday night in a grievance hearing. The board has 30 days to render its decision. 

Only three board members were present for the hearing — Troy Youngblood, Buddy Whitlock and Steve Finch, but there was a quorum.

Weeks said his contract was 245 days with a nearly $20,000 yearly supplement, which included his summer supplement of 58 days.

He said that all changed beginning with the 2016-17 school year when his supplement was reduced and his contract was cut to 233 days.

Weeks said the supplement continued to drop each of the next three school years.

It stands at $14,075 this year, the same as last year, according to a printout from Corey Peebles, the school district's chief schools financial officer.

Coinciding with the 2018 cut in supplement was a drop to 187 days on his contract.

"I'm still required to do the same amount of work, including two summer parades this year — the Helen Keller Festival parade and the W.C. Handy Festival kickoff parade," Weeks said.

"This is my fourth year of cuts, and when cuts are made, the job load is usually reduced but that's not the case with me."

Peebles showed where Weeks's supplement went from $19,392.94 to $17,344.44 to $14,075.

Weeks figured his cuts over the past four years to be in the $25,000 range.

That amount of money, he said, will negatively affect his retirement. 

"This is my 24th year of teaching and it will certainly affect my retirement," he said. "I'm not asking for damages, just my back pay and to have my 245-day contract reinstated."

Weeks said that original contract would include three weeks of vacation for which he currently isn't eligible.

Tuscumbia Superintendent Darryl Aikerson, who has no say in the matter now that is has gone before the school board, reiterated that there is no due process required for matters of employee supplemental income.

"Mr. Weeks signed a contract yearly agreeing to the amount of the supplement," Aikerson said. "We reduced all our supplements, across the board, three years ago to save money. It was just a matter of budget cuts."

Weeks said he's confident that the board will do the right thing, keeping in mind that the band is bigger than it has been in 15 years with 76 members this year.


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