Evie Mauldin has been appointed to the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees. [PATRICK HOOD/TIMESDAILY]

Evie Mauldin, senior vice president and general counsel for Bank Independent, has been appointed a trustee to represent the Fourth Congressional District for the University of Alabama System.

The Fourth Congressional District includes Colbert, Franklin, Lawrence, Cullman, Marion, Winston, Lamar, Fayette, Walker, Marshall, Etowah, DeKalb counties and the northern half of Tuscaloosa.

Mauldin, who resides in Leighton, is the first U.A. board appointee from the Shoals area since 1991.

Bill Mitchell Jr. of Florence served from 1982 to 1991.

Prior to that, his father, William H. Mitchell of Florence, served as trustee from 1947 to 1954. Archibald H. Carmichael of Tuscumbia served from 1923 to 1939.

Mauldin was elected to the position Friday to serve a six-year term. She earned her undergraduate and law degrees from UA.

As part of the 15-member board, Mauldin's service begins in September. 

The university system is made up of three campuses — the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, which includes UAB Medicine, and the University of Alabama in Huntsville.  

"It's a huge honor to be asked to serve on this board, particularly given the history of Shoals appointees, and it's a big undertaking," Mauldin said. "This is a working board, not just a rubber stamp, that's responsible for more than 70,000 students, so I take this appointment very seriously."

The board is likewise responsible for all physical properties within the system, its programs and system investments.

"My job is to do the best thing, make the best decisions for the university system," she said.

"I graduated twice from the University of Alabama and my training as a lawyer helps me think logically and make fact-based, not emotional, decisions. The board (members) said they needed a good leader for the management of the system and I'll strive to be that. My duty is to the university system."

Mauldin said it's good for the board to once again have a presence from the Shoals area.

She is filling the seat vacated by Finis St. John, who was recently named system chancellor.

The board's president pro tempore, Ron Gray, called Mauldin "an exceptional individual who will be a tremendous asset to the University of Alabama System."

Trustee Karen Brooks said the selection of a trustee is one of the board's most important responsibilities.

She said she expects Mauldin to make a significant impact in her role as trustee. "She's vivacious, intelligent and laser focused." 

The board meets five times a year with meeting locations rotating between Tuscaloosa, Huntsville and Birmingham.

The Alabama Senate must confirm Mauldin's appointment, which is expected to happen when the Legislature reconvenes in 2020.


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Never trump


Never trump

Hope she isn't hostile towards UAB/UAH. The University of Alabama System has historically hurt both of those institutions (Limiting UAB academic programs and killing their football program, putting a center in Huntsville for UAT that competed directly for research $$ with UAH and trying to kill their hockey program, etc. etc.). Each university needs to have their own trustees but until they do, let's hope Mauldin looks our for the interest of UAB and UAH instead of just UAT.

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