TUSCUMBIA — Police Chief Tony Logan said Trenholm Primary School will continue to be staffed with student resource officers in the wake of the dismissal of a veteran officer.

One of the school's two SROs, a retired 38-year veteran Tuscumbia police officer, was dismissed from his part-time duties at the school following an incident Tuesday where he left his gun on a shelf in the faculty restroom.

The area where the gun was left is within the teacher workroom area and is off limits to students. 

Superintendent Darryl Aikerson said a substitute teacher found the gun when she went to the restroom. She promptly turned it in to office personnel, where it was placed in the school safe.

"She did exactly the right thing in removing the gun, but no children at all were exposed to this situation," Aikerson said.

Logan said the officer put the gun on the shelf in the restroom and forgot to retrieve it upon exiting the restroom.

According to Logan, the officer said he was in the restroom when the substitute teacher began tugging on the door and in his attempt to hurry out, he forgot his gun.

Logan said the officer said he remembered the gun just minutes later and returned to retrieve it.

"It was just one of those situations where anyone could have done exactly what the officer did, but it was best to remove him from the school," Logan said, declining to give the officer's name.

All of Tuscumbia's SROs are retired officers. Logan said the dismissed officer worked two days a week and another officer works three.

The second SRO is continuing on his schedule. Logan will have other off-duty officers fill in the two days a week for the remainder of the school year.

Logan said he expects to have a second part-time officer in place at Trenholm by next school year.

Trenholm Principal Veronica Bayles sent a letter to parents Tuesday evening explaining the situation, assuring them that no children were ever in danger. 


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