Next month's League of Women Voters of Alabama gubernatorial forum has been canceled, League officials say.

As of Wednesday, Republican incumbent Gov. Kay Ivey had not accepted the League's invitation for the forum. Democratic candidate, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox, did accept the invitation.

League of Women Voters rules require that to host a forum at least two candidates must participate.

"Because the governor has not displayed any interest in a forum, the people of Alabama have lost an opportunity to compare candidates in this way," said Alabama's League president Barbara Caddell. "We are sad and disappointed but it is the people of Alabama who have really lost out."


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Ernie Perez

Why would anyone in their right mind agree to participate in a forum, debate, or Town-Hall Meeting, where the moderators are bias, their questions are tilted to favor one participant. Forums where there is no sense of fairness or balance. I agree with Governor Ivy for not participating. In the past some of this organizations favor the Democratic contenders. I will add that the good people of Alabama have been misguided and misinformed by these "Fronts". Organizations with "nice-sounding" names but with a loaded Leftist-Socialist-Progressive Agendas. Dear Governor Ivy, stay away from these ravenous and awful people. Just look back at the Democratic Debates two years ago. Ernie Perez, Littleville, Alabama

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