Muscle Shoals resident Jessica Mothershed said she’s afraid to let her children out of the house because of all the mounds of fire ants in her yard.

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(2) comments

gevenescu escu

Unless there is a strong chemical trail (pheromones) of other more fortunate ones, it is part of the strategy to wander about in all directions. This is how they increase the chance of finding something of interest (food). Then the lucky one goes back to the nest, leaving aforementioned trail, so others can now follow it. The ants staten island can teach you how to control the ants from your area. Thus may not look smart (less food for the original finder), but usually there is plenty and the next time our current finder depends on another ant in the colony to find food. So everyone is better off.

Randy Terry

What in the world is going to happen to this young generation they can't even deal with an ant sting. What kind of namby pamby people are we raising. From the sound of this article it's like raining copper head snakes . Alabama and the rest of the deep south has been battling fire ants for a hundred years, dumping every kind of poison known to man on the countryside, to no avail. There is no telling what all that stuff has done to public health, running off into streams and rivers. Meanwhile the "Ants" are still here and advancing northward as we speak.

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