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Amanda Lee Borden Talcott, shown here with wife, Kristian Borden, and children Ady, Lily and CataBrie, said family, timing, and the number three, have been important in moving forward with her life.

Amanda Lee Borden Talcott turned 33 on the third month this year when she realized how the number three kept appearing in her life.

At first, Talcott thought it might have been a weird coincidence. It wasn’t until things around her started happening in threes that she began to pay closer attention to little details — like the three freckles on her body, three doves landing in her yard, and lightning striking a tree three times.

“Everything in my life has been in threes,” Talcott said. “Losses, gains, everything. My mom used to joke that people died in threes. The year that I miscarried was the year my grandmother died and the year my childhood love had died. I’ve been watching more of the science around me.”

Currently, Talcott has three daughters named Ady, Lily and CataBrie, who were all born on times with the number three in them — 10:33 a.m., 2:33 p.m. and 10:34 a.m.

“It was a big adventure from every single aspect of all of them,” she said. “From surprise child to tried for a long time to came out of nowhere.”

All of it seemed to be timed just right, even with her own birth. Talcott’s mother had made plans to not have her, but on the day of her appointment had decided not to go through with it.

Everything could have gone differently.

Talcott has been married two times, but the third time has been a charm for her. When her wife, Kristen Borden, came into the picture, her daughters immediately fell in love with her, she said. Talcott, who had avoided singing for years, suddenly found a reason to use her voice again.

“When Amanda and I first got together, I was unsure of what I was getting into,” Kristen said. “I went from being a single 24-year-old to a family of five. But I can honestly say that these girls, all four of them, have been the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Kristen said she believes fate brought them together.

“We’ve been through everything together in the last almost four years, but one thing I’ve realized is that everything that has happened has been for a reason,” she said. “I wouldn’t trade my girls for anything in this world.”

Talcott admits that this year has been weird in growth for all of them.

“Ady has come out as lesbian and has been growing into herself more as a human,” she said. “Lily has started using her voice more and is learning that journaling is a good way to start getting her feelings out. CataBrie, who has always struggled with what other parents would call anger issues, is showing deeper feeling in other directions than just rage. We’ve grown a lot in our weaknesses.”

Talcott’s children have inspired her so much, she said, giving her something to sing for. She was so influenced by the threes in her life that she, Kristen and a friend started a band called “Thrice Sovereign.”

“Among all they are to me, if I could put each into one word — heart, happiness, protector and muse,” Talcott said. “Ady taught me that I am capable to truly love. Lily taught me to really smile and laugh. CataBrie saved my soul and reminds me what strength is, and Kristen brings out my voice and who I really am.”

Her three daughters and her third marriage have encouraged her to do things she didn’t think she could do.

“I’m suddenly not afraid of the idea of moving forward,” she said. “I’m not afraid of being on stage. I’m not afraid of growth.”


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