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Ashley Christina Mayfield

TUSCUMBIA — Colbert County Sheriff Frank Williamson said a Littleville woman has been arrested and charged with willful abuse of a child under 18 after her 4-year-old daughter was found wandering in a field.

The sheriff said Ashley Christina Mayfield, 26, 117 McDaniel Road, turned herself in at the Colbert County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday. She remains in the Colbert County Jail on a $10,000 bond.

Williamson said an arrest warrant was also issued for Mayfield's husband, who is expected to turn himself in as well.

According to the sheriff, Mayfield's daughter wandered away from her home about a week and a half ago. Colbert 911 was notified and the sheriff's office responded.

Williamson said two construction workers were going to lunch and saw the child walking through a pasture about 2 to 2 1/2 miles from the family's home.

"She actually wandered through the woods," the sheriff said. 

The workers brought the child back to the house they were working on and someone recognized the her and notified the parents.

Sheriff's deputies arrived and the Department of Human Resources was also notified.

The sheriff said the girl and two other children have been placed in DHR custody.

Williamson said this was the second time the child has wandered away from home. The first time the family called 911, but the child was located before law enforcement arrived.

He said the husband was supposed to turn himself in, but had yet to do so. The sheriff said they could never find the family at home to execute the warrants.

"We've been looking for him for a week," Williamson said.

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