FLORENCE — All six City Council members individually said Tuesday they support moving the Confederate monument from the Lauderdale County Courthouse, but added they can do nothing without a resolution from the Lauderdale County Commission.

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(6) comments

Ed Dantes

[ohmy] Moving the monument to the cemetery is the "no brainer" solution. Since this is an election year the mayor and the council should stop stalling!!! They have the money for the fine (from the community), they have the votes and they have the letter from the county. To borrow from Hamilton: "Talk less, smile more - don't let them know what you're against or what you're for" Clearly they are SAYING they want it to move, but their actions are appeasing the group that doesn't want it moved by not acting. They are basically trying to stall until after the votes are cast......SO SAD!!! Look, the hard thing and the right thing are often the same thing.....ACT NOW!!!

Walter Bradford

Project Say Something a racist Organization or just one that chooses seemingly bad phrases to espouse. America has exploded with (t)rump's fire-fueled brand of tongue in cheek racism The guy is a Racist anyway you look at it. All of this wasn't about George Floyd, not at all. His murder was a flash point, a relied upon reason for destructive racially charged riots to fan across America.

I've been following the matter of removing the CSA Statue from the Court house grounds and in my opinion, it's time. As a matter of fact, from my perspective, the proposed new location should have been a no brainer back in 1903. It just makes sense to honor those people that died fighting for a cause they felt noble then. It wasn't all about Slavery as America's popular historical pundits make it appear today.

However, the wording used by Ms. Bennett, the stated head of "Project Say Something" is very bothersome to me. Here's why and I quote,

"Consider if something was standing there that was erected for the specific purpose to intimidate your people – white people – maybe that will help you have more of a sense of urgency," she said,

"Your people", "White people". And you're trying to solve racial injustices but you draw on wording that exacerbates racism, "my people, your people, their people, those people? Ms. Bennett I don't care what you claim is, your justification for your choice of words and phrases are racist by their very core. Day in and day America is pummeled with alleged examples of (my people) being racist. I don't care what the example may be, it's always (my people, White people) using insensitive language, phrases and wording.

Just last week a White College Dean was terminated for using the phrase "All Lives Matter". In a very heart felt and sensitive email message to Student and Faculty where her main message was about defeating racism wherever it is encountered. She spoke of how all people must enjoin the fight to eliminate the specter of racial hate and insensitivity. She spoke of how important BLM is in carrying on their brand of social justice. But after that sentence she added the phrase, and we must all remember that "All lives Matter". One student complained to the college board about the Dean using that phrase. She said it was RACIST, Insensitive and improper. With that the Dean was terminated and terminated over the phone no less. The College was Massachusetts at Lowell.

Ms. Bennett I'm sure you would never apologize why should you, no one is going to come down on you or your organization, well protected from any sort of liability if you use wording that upsets, angers or otherwise insults those you attack. It's part of Black Privilege in America. It is my people, White Community members that are termed as being insensitive, racist, uncaring. Perception though Ms. Bennett, perception is everything. Walter A. Bradford Florence, Alabama

Common Sense

I agree with a lot of what you said, but this organization respectfully and civilly came to the table about this statue being moved. They did not tear the statue down or even demand it be torn down. And if I remember correctly, even wanted to raise the money for the fine of having it moved. Nobody seems to care about these statues until someone else wants them gone. I have never seen anyone sitting in front of the courthouse only there to be enjoying this statue. And for the very few who might claim that they have, they can simply marvel at it across town, because again, it won't be torn down. Nobody ever has or ever will agree on every single issue and I'm by no means accusing you of doing so, but people on all sides of the issues in this country can not go against what they see as an opposing view just for the sake of doing so.

Charlie Brannon

Mr. Bradford, I'm quite impressed with your well-reasoned letter. I, however, believe that the monument should stay. Let the people, ALL of the people, vote on the issue. Let the majority then carry the day. Constantly caving in to the vocal, and often, violent minority, is destroying America.

Thanks again for your excellent letter.

Ed Dantes

Aside from putting the vocal "violent" minorities in their places....what is the rational for keeping the statue where it is vs moving it to the cemetary?

Walter Bradford

Messrs. Some folks look at things differently yes? I have to admit, I moved here in 2018 and up until 7/8/2020, as many times as I have been by, around, in the courthouse I never saw the statue! So I made a point of visiting the site yesterday. Frankly I laughed. Don't mean to hurt anyone's feeling but that statue is as inspiring as having your photograph taken while sitting on the toilet! It's so (nothing), small, not even a horse...So here is what I gathered and I will throw this out to Mr. Dantes and Mr. Brannon. I have already stated a position, I don't like flip-flopping. But the statue is of a "contemporary foot soldier. The Acronym (CSA) is present and easily discerned. There was some Incuse work that I could not read from my vehicle and didn't feel to need to hobble to the statue and read the work. But with all the hard feeling, time and effort spent and with the "hint" of a State of Alabama Lawsuit against Florence and an absolute abysmal Lauderdale County Resolution regarding the town being cowardly and such Silliness as that. I wondered if a reasonable accommodation that expedites the needs of "Project Say Something", the expenditures to Florence in the way of a fine and also show the Lauderdale County Commissioners Florence has a more professional, concerned and ethically responsible group of adults than they have. I saw a simple change to could avert all future anger, misery and such.

There is little difference between (USA) and (CSA). One letter actually. I wonder if Project S.S. would be willing to allow the professional removal of the (C) and a professional remount of a (U) put in it's place. This then would convert the Soldier as a Union Enlisted Soldier. The already present dates of (1861-1865) need not be altered, changed or removed for any reason. My only unknow quantity is the Incuse writing I indicate earlier, What does it say, what does it infer, who does it glorify? Now Stone Carvers/Blasters can work miracles and in a short period of time. If all members of our society can then look at the statue without anger, sadness, remorse, or as I saw on Facebook, some ridiculous call up of a "Militia Group" to defend the statue, then y'all would have systemically and together compromised both sides of this decision, for & against is WIN/WIN and the City of Florence saves moving and resettlement expenses, maybe even a State Alabama Lawsuit with the right "back field negotiations at top levels).

As I recall some weeks ago, I believe I read that there is a move afoot to request space for the design, build and install of Dredd & Harriet R. Scott statues or statue. So the easy way would be to just display the then converted Union Soldier in his traditional area and then align but separate the "Scotts" in any location desired. (Actually I saw a combined Mr. & Mrs. Scott Bronze likeness, very attractive.

So anyway quite naturally these ideas are only mine and I am nobody. So y'all have at it and good luck. Just don't call me "Your people", "you White people" that really stinks racist big time!

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