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Jerry Browning

FLORENCE — Family and friends of Jerry Browning are asking for the public’s help in finding the man who was last seen Aug. 1.

“He has a mother and daughter who haven’t heard from him in 60 days,” said Justin Siemion, a long-time friend of Browning.

Reports indicate the 37-year-old Browning, who lived with his mother on Sylvan Street, which is off Danley Road in the Underwood community, was at Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital the morning of Aug. 1. He left on foot around 1 a.m.

“I’ve known him for 30 years and he has never done anything like this before," Siemion said. "None of this adds up.”

Siemion and another longtime friend, both from the Chicago area, have been in Florence putting up posters and checking recovery centers and shelters, talking to anyone who may have seen Browning.

Sgt. Matt Horton, an investigator with the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s office said the department is doing all it can to try and locate Browning.

He said Browning's description and photo have been entered into the national data bank of missing people, the information has been out on a nationwide communications link between law enforcement agencies, all local law enforcement agencies have been notified, and information has been put on social media and in all media outlets.

Siemion said friends and family are concerned about Browning because he is an insulin-dependent diabetic.

Dr. Evans Nimako, a hospitalist at ECM Hospital, said an insulin-dependent diabetic can become sick in a matter of days if they are out of insulin.

“Depending on how bad a diabetic they are,  maybe three to five days they will become sick,” Nimako said.

He said an insulin-dependent diabetic who misses injections can become dehydrated, toxic, be disorientated and could pass out.

Anyone with any information on Browning or his whereabouts is asked to contact Horton at 256-760-5761 or any law enforcement agency. or 256-740-5757. Twitter @TD_TomSmith.


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