SHEFFIELD — Four-year-old Missy Springer was on a mission Saturday: to find her ideal pedal tractor at the second annual Farm Toy Show, preferably in pink.

Her parents Dave and Gina joked, "We're all in trouble if she doesn't find one because her heart is set on it."

Such were the dreams of dozens of children attending the show organized by Josh Aycock as a fundraiser for the Deshler High School FFA organization.

The show featured everything from inexpensive toys to antiques priced in the hundreds of dollars.

Mike Tinker, the Desher FFA adviser, said last year's show drew so much interest he decided to do it again. 

And it paid off.

"We have more of everything this year," he said. "Last year we had one farm model and we have four this year. The Cattleman's Association is here serving sandwiches and there's plenty of old and new toys, pretty much anything a person could want whether it's for a serious collector or just for a child to play with."

John Edgar Waller had his farm display on exhibit, an exact replica of his family farm in Tennessee.

He also had on display and for sale, several toy trucks he designed, engineered and built.

The Tennessee Technical College student said the money he makes from his meticulously crafted models, goes right back into his real pickup truck.

He said he first realized there was demand for his work when he was asked by one of the two stars of the Discovery Channel's "Diesel Brothers," to make some model trucks. The trucks were actually used on the top of his brother's birthday cake.

"This whole business really took off after that, when he gave me a shout out on (social media)," Waller said.

Aycock said about 20 vendors participated in the show that's "geared toward farmers, collectors and just kids wanting toys."

"It's grown this year and I think it will continue to," Aycock said. "It's a fun time."

Proceeds from the show go to fund travel and expenses associated with the Deshler FFA.


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