Bradley White

Bradley Lamar White

A former Florence High School choral director is accused of soliciting sex with a minor, authorities said.

Bradley Lamar White was arrested Thursday in Calhoun County, where he was a teacher at Alexandria High School, Calhoun Sheriff Matthew Wade said.

He is charged with soliciting a sex act with a minor and distributing obscene material to a student, Wade said. Both are misdemeanors.

He is out on $6,000 bail for each case, Wade said.

Florence City Schools Superintendent Jimmy Shaw said White taught at Florence High from 2016 until his resignation in March 2018. Shaw did not say the reason for his resignation.

City school board members accepted his resignation during a called meeting that month.

At that time, Florence Principal Rod Sheppard did not give a reason for the resignation, but said of White: "He's a very talented choral teacher and I certainly wish him well."

Wade said Friday he was not aware that White had taught at Florence before coming to Calhoun County. He said he hopes the reason for his resignation did not involve inappropriate action with a minor.

"If a teacher can't be at a school, to pass them off somewhere else to make victims somewhere else is absolutely wrong," Wade said.

He added that school officials are "mandatory reporters" if they have knowledge of inappropriate action with a child.

Shaw said he spoke with Wade on Friday after the sheriff found out about White's Florence connection. He said he told Wade that the sheriff could subpoena him, but he has been told by his attorney not to make a statement.

Wade said his "main goal" is to make sure White never teaches again.

"If someone is doing this kind of behavior, he shouldn't be around children," the sheriff said.

A YouTube program called "Hive vs Predator" helped spur the investigation that led to White's arrest.

In it, two males had set up a fake account on a dating site claiming to be 14 and 17 years old. They did so with the goal of catching anyone who responds to the account. The video shows them meeting White at a department store and White leaving after discovering the setup.

"He came here to meet an underage kid," one of the people videoing White said as he followed White through the store and to White's vehicle. "He works for the Calhoun County Board of Education." or 256-740-5739. Twitter @TD_BDelinski


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