FLORENCE — Workers are remedying insulation issues at four University of North Alabama residence halls.

The project should resolve problems with the Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) on the buildings, said Michael Gautney, assistant vice president of facilities administration and planning.

The projects involve Appleby East and West, Covington and Hawthorne Hall, Gautney said.

"The EIFS has not performed well on those four buildings," he said. "That has resulted in some water damage to the exterior and penetration into the building."

The university has contracted with H&N Construction on the $456,782 project, Gautney said.

"Their contract is for 90 days, weather permitting," he said. "We started right before Christmas when the students left."

He said an initial renovation was performed two years ago in some areas. That work will not have to be replaced, but the remainder is being replaced with a vinyl system.

Gautney said he is relieved the situation is not worse.

"We were originally a little concerned about how bad the water damage would be on the wood on the inside, but it has not been as bad as we feared," he said.

Students have returned for the spring semester and continue living in the residence halls while the work continues.

"We just try to communicate what's going on and they seem to understand," Gautney said. "It's all been to the exterior of the building. Hopefully, that's what it will be."

The four residence halls, which were built in 2004, have a total of some 300 beds, he said.

Michelle Eubanks, interim associate director over Communications and Marketing, said the university discovered the issue and informed the Board of Trustees.

"There was no emergency," Eubanks said. "It's something the university decided to do as part of an overall improvements program."

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