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Defense attorney Jeff Austin and Peggy Sue Hall enter Lauderdale County District Court Judge Carole Medley's courtroom on Wednesday. [BERNIE DELINSKI/TIMESDAILY]

FLORENCE — Bail was denied Wednesday for a woman charged with capital murder in the 2019 shooting death of her ex-husband.

Peggy Sue Hall, 55, sat silently next to defense attorneys Jeff Austin and Leigh Anne Landis during a 90-minute hearing before Lauderdale County District Judge Carole Medley, who bound the case over to a Lauderdale County grand jury at the conclusion of the hearing.

Hall is charged in the death of Randall Bobo at Bobo's residence off Lauderdale 130.

During testimony Wednesday, Lt. Brad Potts with the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office said Bobo was shot once in the head and once in the chest on Sept. 18. He died at the residence.

During questioning from Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly, Potts testified a gun was found near Hall when deputies took her into custody while she was standing in the road outside the residence where the shooting occurred.

Deputies went inside the house and found Bobo on the floor with gunshot wounds, Potts said.

The deputy came back out to the front porch, at which time two children ages 11 and 5 ran out from the house. One child was in the living room when the shooting occurred and the other was in a bedroom, Potts testified.

Bobo's wife, Dawn Bobo, was in the house when the shooting occurred, and ran to a relative's house near their home and called 911.

Potts said Dawn Bobo described to authorities what occurred. She told them she was in the kitchen and Randall Bobo was in the living room with the 5-year-old when Hall walked into the house.

Dawn Bobo said they had not been expecting Hall, Potts testified.

"She turned around and heard a gunshot and turned back around and there was Peggy Hall pointing a gun at her," Potts said.

That's when Dawn Bobo fled to the relative's home, he said.

During cross-examination by Austin, Potts said they recovered shell casings, but have not received results from forensics tests as to whether they were fired by the gun near Hall.

Authorities also have not yet reviewed records from phones that were seized as evidence.

Austin also inquired as to where Bobo's son, Randall Coty Bobo, was on the day of the shooting.

Surveillance video shows Coty Bobo and his mother arrived in the same vehicle at a convenience store on Royal Avenue near Braly Stadium that morning and left together, although Coty Bobo had told authorities the last time he was with his mother was at the convenience store.

Coty Bobo has been arrested on unrelated theft charges. Connolly said he has not been charged in this case, but the investigation is continuing.

Austin asked Medley to set a bail amount for Hall, but she denied the request. She has been in jail since the day of the shooting.

Capital murder is punishable either by life in prison without the possibility of parole or death by lethal injection.

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