FLORENCE — The Lauderdale County Commission is looking into the cost of tiling the Revenue Commissioner's and Probate Judge's offices after a plumbing issue flooded much of the carpet in the offices.

County Administrator Brenda Bryant told the commission during Tuesday's work session the water that flooded the area was clean but covered a great deal of the offices on the first floor of the Lauderdale County Courthouse.

"It was ankle deep in water," Bryant said. "It wasn't just a little bit of water. It was soaked through."

She said Lauderdale County Detention Center trustees helped clean the area but the carpets were soaked.

"The carpet has got to come up," Bryant said.

Commissioners indicated they favor the idea of installing tile. Bryant said she has not sent out for estimates but she expects the cost to be in the $50,000-$60,000 range.

She said tile would create a more uniform appearance.

"That would make a huge difference in how that office looks," Bryant said. "When you walk in, it'll all be the same floor. It's going to be all the way through."

Commissioner Brad Holmes asked if tile would create a more noisy area, but Bryant said she does not anticipate that occurring.

She said the area that was affected is larger than many people realize. The Revenue Commissioner's area has a lot of small offices and the Probate Judge's area is carpeted to the counter.

In another matter, the commission is looking into a proposal from Information Matrix TV to come to Lauderdale County and do a feature story on the county.

Bryant said Information Matrix contacted her about it. The company would charge $24,000 for the work.

Bryant said they have had stories run on Public Television and other networks including CNN and National Geographic.

Officials will explore the proposal and contact the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Office for input.

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