FLORENCE — The Ryan's restaurant on Cox Creek Parkway is among 74 locations that its parent company closed last week.

The restaurant at 362 Cox Creek Parkway closed after its parent company, Ovation Brands, issued a statement Thursday.

The statement announced that 74 restaurants that it declared "underperforming" would close immediately.

Those included Old Country Buffet, Hometown Buffet, Ryan’s, Fire Mountain and Country Buffet restaurants, according to the release.

"Ovation Brands was acquired by Food Management Partners in August 2015," it stated. "Since that time, we have continued to execute former management’s operating plan to stabilize and enhance the performance of the company. However, based on ongoing assessments of individual restaurants, it is necessary to shutter locations for the continued viability of the brands and our employees."

This morning, a commercial truck and a couple of vehicles were on the otherwise empty Ryan's parking lot.

A sign on the front door read, "To our valued guests, this location is now closed. Thank you for your business, and we hope to serve you at another location very soon. Please visit ryans.com to find your nearest location."

A few people were inside the building, but said they could not comment on the closing.

Florence Mayor Mickey Haddock said he drove to the location Saturday and it was locked.

Haddock said nobody indicated ahead of time that the closing was possible. He said it appeared from looking at the parking lot in recent months that the restaurant was doing decent business.

In fact, Haddock said it appears the restaurant business in general is viable in Florence.

"Certainly we were not expecting that," he said. "The appearance was that they still had a decent business. When you go out with the family on a Sunday or on a Friday night, or even a Tuesday night, it appears you wait in line to get a table anywhere you go. So it appears that we still do have a large number of our residents and visitors who frequent our restaurants."


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