Unemployment rates in the Shoals continue to plummet to levels never before recorded.

The unemployment rate in the Shoals Metropolitan Statistical Area dropped to 2.7% in October, according to the latest figures from the Alabama Department of Labor.

That is down from 2.9% in September and 3.9% in October 2018.

The department lists rates from individual selected cities, including Florence, which is at 2.6%.

"Right now that's the best we've seen in recorded history," Florence Mayor Steve Holt said. "We're blessed. I hope we can stay that way and create more jobs."

It is possible even lower rates could be reached, since November and December rates often are some of the lowest of the year due to seasonal hiring.

Holt said there usually is an uptick in January and February but the Shoals economy looks to be in good standing.

"We are as diverse an economy as we've ever been," he said. "I really like that."

The Shoals is part of a statewide and national trend of low unemployment rates. Alabama's October rate was 2.8%, while the nation's was 3.6, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Shoals rate represents 65,618 employed and 1,825 unemployed members of the civilian labor force in October, according to the labor department.

In September, there were 65,319 employed people and in October 2018 the number was 63,643, according to labor statistics.

The amount of unemployment people in September was 1,946, the figures indicate. The number was 2,615 in October 2018.

Broken down by county, the October rate was 2.6% in Lauderdale, 2.9 in Colbert and 2.3 in Franklin. The Shoals MSA includes Lauderdale and Colbert counties.

The average hourly wage in the Shoals in October was $20.33, according to the labor department.

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Jacob Pasley

Enjoy these Trump years folks. Once a socialist gets in office it's all over, Venezuela here we come!

Paul Kersey

I hope you know that Trump will cause state unemployment officials to retire because of the low unemployment and they will have nothing to do.

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