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Kaytrina Simmons

FLORENCE — Kaytrina Simmons likes the direction District 1 has been going since 2016.

"We've started a lot of projects, but I'm not done," said Simmons, who is in her first term as councilwoman for the district. "I'm only getting started."

She announced this week she is running for a second term in 2020. Municipal elections are Aug. 25.

"My mission is to continue to serve and be a voice for my district and all the citizens of Florence," Simmons said. "In 2016 I ran on promises, and those promises were kept and delivered. In 2020, I'm running on productivity."

Among projects she mentioned that were completed in her district are: renovations at Gilbert Court and Lewis Field, including the Lewis Field restrooms; upgrades to the W.C. Handy Recreation Center; resurfacing the tennis courts at Chisholm Road; enhancements to Handy School and the return of the school to the city's school system; improvements and resurfacing of West College Street; removal of numerous dilapidated structures; and reconfiguring the Nance Street-West Irvine Avenue intersection to help handle additional traffic from Bellamy Apartments.

Simmons has a list of goals for the next term, including getting storm shelters in the district, stadium lighting repairs at Lewis Field, better lighting at Gilbert Court, and school bus shelters.

"We want to revitalize the historic districts in District 1," she said. "They need some tender loving care, and I want to restore them. I want to rebuild and restore the community and continue to move it forward."

She said many citywide projects have been completed over the last four years, including the new Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services facility; a major paving program this year and another scheduled for 2020; the purchase of two fire engines; and completion of the North Alabama Medical Center.

Simmons said she plans to remain involved in the community, not just as an elected official, but as a resident.

"I'm still a servant of the community," she said. "Getting me re-elected means keeping proven leadership, experience and a go-getter with honesty and integrity. I want us to continue this progress together as one."

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