Snow has sneaked its way into the forecast for the first time this season with meteorologists paying close attention to the timing of a cold front that could bring some flurries Monday night.

However, if there is any snow it is not expected to bring accumulations, said Ashley Ravenscraft, meteorologist for the National Weather Service office in Huntsville.

One thing that definitely is in the forecast is cold weather that could drop as low as the mid-teens by Tuesday night, Ravenscraft said.

"The big thing that remains to be seen about Monday night is if the cold air makes it in before the dry air does," she said. "In northwest Alabama, there's a little bit greater of a chance of seeing some flurries, or perhaps enough to see a little bit of white dusting on the ground. I think our chances of seeing any kind of snow accumulation are slight."

Ravenscraft said the timing for the snow likely would be just before or right at sunrise Tuesday.

"With this strong of an arctic air mass, we may drop into the middle teens," she said. "It's definitely going to be very cold, and wind chills could approach the single digits. The week in general just looks cold. Temperatures are going to be below normal."

If the forecast holds up, it would be the coldest reading since the temperature dropped to 16 degrees on Jan. 19, 2018, according to weather service data.

Today will be pleasant with sunny skies and a high near 62, according to the forecast. It will drop to 43 degrees overnight and raIn chances start Monday, likely after noon.

Monday's high will be near 61 for Veterans Day, but rain chances are 70 percent during the day and 80 percent Monday night with a low near 29.

Tuesday's high only will reach the mid-30s before dropping to 18 and possibly lower, forecasters said.

That could challenge some record lows, according to weather service data. The coldest temperature for Tuesday's date is 16, set in 1894. The temperature likely will bottom out early Wednesday morning. The record for Wednesday's date is 18, set in 1920.

Wednesday's high should be near 43 with a low of 29, followed by a Thursday and Friday high near 50 and lows at or below the freezing mark.

The normal high for this time of year is 65 with the normal low at 42, according to weather service data. or 256-740-5739. Twitter @TD_BDelinski


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