ST. FLORIAN — The town is moving forward with business as usual following the resignation this week of Mayor Pam Stumpe.

Part of that business involves setting up for one of the town's largest annual events, Oktoberfest, which is Oct. 5. Interim Mayor Matthew Connolly said Wednesday the festival will take place as scheduled.

"It's still going on," Connolly said. "We cut it back to one day, and that's something that's been coming for a little while because it's hard to pull people in there on Sundays."

A statement released by the town states the festival "will be managed this year by the Council, employees and volunteers."

Stumpe announced her resignation Monday, town officials said. The Town Council appointed her mayor on Feb. 20, 2018, four days after Mayor Don Strait, who was in his second term, died after a brief illness.

Stumpe's resignation means the council will have to fill the mayor's post for the second time during this term.

Connolly said he believes the council will do that at its next meeting, which has been moved from Oct. 14 to Oct. 15 due to Columbus Day.

Until then, Connolly is acting mayor because he was mayor pro tempore, he said.

"The way the statute reads, the council has 60 days to appoint a mayor," Connolly said.

If it fails to do so in that time frame, the appointment falls to Gov. Kay Ivey. If Ivey fails to appoint someone, a special election would be held, Connolly said.

The town released a statement that the council "was presented and accepted" Stumpe's resignation, which was effective Monday.

The statement did not provide a reason for the resignation. It went on to say the town operations are continuing as usual.

"The council is looking forward to a prosperous future for the Town of St. Florian and its residents." or 256-740-5739. Twitter @TD_BDelinski


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