The Sound Diplomacy study includes 38 recommendations, divided into three tiers:

TIER 1: High Priority (Years 1-2)

- Create an implementation board within the Muscle Shoals Music Association

- Build and maintain a digital database of the local music ecosystem

- Provide artists/professionals with free assistance

- Set up bi-monthly meetings with other city departments

- Measure the local music sector through a Music Observatory

- Hold two open forums per year for the music community

- Define the role of stakeholders in the development and promotion of music tourism

- Establish a Music Tourism Task Force

- Create a historic music tour

- Create tourism partnerships

- Coordinate and streamline all cities' licensing and regulations

- Incorporate agent of change

- Coordinate exchanges with regional artists and professionals

- Coordinate alliances with nearby industries

- Use local and original music in the city’s promotional materials


TIER 2: Medium Priority (Years 2-3)

- Reinforce existing administrative capacity to support music policy

- Develop a micro-website to promote and unify The Shoals music, past, present and future

- Re-brand: The New Muscle Shoals Sound

- Provide a regulatory framework for temporary event space

- Maximize existing facilities

- Set up tax breaks for original music use and fair play venues/events

- Expand entertainment district offer

- Foster collaborations with Huntsville music industry agents (labels, etc.)

- Create synergies with Huntsville festivals and venues to showcase Shoals musicians

- Establish a cross-promotion collaboration between Huntsville and the Shoals

- Provide in-kind support to venues and events

- Allocate a portion of the Shoals Economic Development Fund for music

- Create a creative (not only music) hub

- Incentivize startups

- Create a live music passport

- Create a master event calendar


TIER 3: Medium Priority (Years 2-3)

- Declare a public holiday to recognize the Shoals music heritage

- Reassess taxes and fees in the entertainment sector

- Attract spin-offs of Huntsville festivals in the Shoals


TIER 4: Even More Complex (or require more partnerships or external support)

- Coordinate public transport between the four towns

- Increase business education in schools

- Set up a scheme for fair play venues/events

- Promote all‑ages shows or 256-740-5739. Twitter @TD_BDelinski


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