TUSCUMBIA — Police, on Wednesday, charged a Muscle Shoals man with first degree theft after he was accused of stealing a woman's parked, unoccupied car from Spring Park.

Tuscumbia Deputy Chief Stuart Setliff said Brandon Edward Tyler Muse, of Muscle Shoals, is being held in Colbert County jail on  $75,000 bond which is expected to be revoked as Muse was out of jail on a suspended sentence at the time of the incident.

The woman and Muse didn't know each other.

According to Setliff, on Monday evening Muse jumped in her car and took off. 

The woman's son chased Muse in another car and managed to get Muse stopped, still in Tuscumbia, then jumped on top of his mother's car. 

"The guy took off with him on the hood and, reportedly pointed a gun at him," Setliff said. "He fell off the car and his foot got run over." 

The woman's son received medical attention for his injuries.

Around 8 p.m. Monday, police received a call that the stolen car had run out of gas on Veterans Drive in Tuscumbia.

Muse was arrested at the scene, but tried to flee, Setliff said.

"We're still gathering some information, but he's been charged and likely won't be allowed to make bond,"  Setliff said.

Police said they didn't find a gun in Muse's possession.


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