TUSCUMBIA — The Tuscumbia Police Department is conducting an internal investigation into a video posted on social media of a traffic stop during which an officer in civilian clothing pulls out his weapon.

The 2-minute, 15-second Facebook video was made by Ryan Williams. It shows officer Greg Scoggins removing his gun from his holster during the traffic stop.

The video was posted at 11:15 p.m. Saturday. By Wednesday, it had more than 600 shares and 300 comments. In the post, Williams said it occurred at Keller Court Apartments.

The incident still was ongoing when the video ended, so it is unclear how the it concluded.

Police Chief Tony Logan issued the following statement about the incident:

"The officer involved is now on paid administrative leave pending the conclusion of the investigation."

In his statement, Logan said the department has been made aware of the incident, and that protecting residents and its employees "is paramount as we conduct our sworn duties. Following the conclusion of the investigation further information may be made available by the end of the week."

In the video, Williams asks Scoggins why he pulled him over, and Scoggins replies Williams was driving recklessly. Williams disagrees, and they go back and forth in the discussion. The entire time, Williams is videotaping it on his cellphone from the driver's seat in his vehicle.

At one point, Scoggins replies, "Yes you did. Look, I'm not that blind and I'm not that deaf. Give me some identification now," and pulls his gun out, holding it at his side.

Several times, Williams expresses surprise that the officer did so, at one point asking, "You're gonna pull a gun on me sir? For real? What did I do?"

He accuses Scoggins of pointing it at him in the video, and Scoggins denies doing so. At no point in the video is Scoggins shown pointing the weapon at Williams, although there are several times in the video when the camera moves and Scoggins is not seen.

Scoggins appears to be wearing a T-shirt and jeans in the video. He told Williams he was walking his dog when he noticed Williams driving recklessly.

The video begins with Scoggins and Williams talking while Scoggins is standing outside the driver's side.

At one point, Williams told Scoggins, "You didn't even pull me over."

At that moment, a backup officer comes onto the scene and Williams asks, "Can I talk to the backup please so I can show him this whole video? Please? Thank you. Sir, please, he has his gun drawn and everything. I don't even know why."

Scoggins responds, "He's got an ex-girlfriend who lives around there and they broke up and he just came flying through the parking lot at about 30 mph around that curb."

"No, you can't even fly around this curb at 30 mph," Williams replies. "Look, it ain't even that serious for this man to be drawing a weapon on me."

Scoggins responds that he never pointed it at Williams, and Williams says, "Yes you did." Scoggins replies, "No, I didn't."

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