FLORENCE — A pair of west Florence street projects are progressing, including one that is a redo of an earlier project and one that is designed to slow traffic.

District 1 City Councilwoman Kaytrina Simmons said the west College Street repaving project will be completed any day now.

The original project was done earlier this year. It changed the two-lane street to three lanes, including a center turning lane. It also added bicycle paths on each side.

However, city leaders were not satisfied with what they described as a seam that runs all the way down the middle of the center lane, as well as the middle of the left and right lanes of the street.

In addition, Simmons said the center lane seam did not appear to be as smooth as the rest of the road's surface.

"I'm very appreciative and thankful that they have come back to fix this," Simmons said.

The other project is at the intersection of Nance Street and West Irvine Avenue. West Irvine was extended to lead to Bellamy Florence, a 420-bed apartment complex that opened in 2018.

Residents who live along that area were complaining about drivers speeding when coming from Bellamy.

The street project is designed to reduce that issue. It involves redesigning the three-way intersection into a standard T alignment.

"A total reconfiguration is being done," Simmons said.

In addition, the speed limit has been reduced from 30 mph to 25.

The city Street Department is doing that work.

"We're creating a squared entrance from West Irvine to Nance Street," said David Koonce, manager of Florence's Street, Solid Waste and Recycling departments. "It's a traffic-slowing measure. Instead of merging, they'll have to come to a complete stop at a T intersection."

Koonce said the project should be completed within weeks.

"The crew is working every day on it, but when other things come up we may have to pull them off and handle those," he said.

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