FLORENCE — A group of about 50, mostly women, marched from Wilson Park and down Court Street Saturday morning, many carrying signs and shouting, "Our body, our choice."

Organizers said the group's peaceful protest of Alabama's recent abortion law ban was an opportunity to stand publicly for women's rights in general.

"This is about all women and having equal rights in every sense," said a co-organizer of the march, Lily Holley. "We have a right to (decisions regarding) our bodies. A lot of women are in mourning now over this decision."

Emily Grissom said the march shows that even in small towns like Florence, "people can come together to rock an issue and be heard."

Carrying an array of signs, some signifying the outrage of what marchers consider a throwback to the past, the group hoisted written statements such as, "Stop the War on Women" and "I'm more than a womb."

One sign, with a wire coat hanger glued to it stated, "This is not a surgical instrument."

Retired educator Jacquie Osborne said her participation in Saturday's rally marks "my second time around."

"The bird of humanity can't fly until both wings are equal," she said.  


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Jedd Means

The choice was made when the man and woman decided to have unprotected sex! The child is the result!! The child shall not be killed because of bad choices of the parents!!

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