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The Muscle Shoals post office on Avalon Avenue will continue to operate out of the trailer it moved into last fall.[RUSS COREY/TIMESDAILY]

MUSCLE SHOALS — Mayor David Bradford has reached out to U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt to get to the bottom of why the U.S. Post Office on Avalon Avenue closed last week.

"Temporarily Closed" signs appeared in the doors of the post office midweek, and some customers said they could not access their post office boxes.

A handful of messages were on the post office's Facebook page from people concerned about getting items such as important papers or medication by mail.

On Friday, however, an employee speaking to customers curious about the closure, said post office boxes have been housed temporarily in a double-wide trailer placed behind the building last year when the building was closed because of "structural damage."

Since that time, neither the U.S. Postal Service nor the owner of the building have detailed the problems with the building.

The employee said there was "a problem with the building" but did not elaborate. He said he did not know when the main building would reopen.

Bradford said he unsuccessfully tried to contact U.S. Postal Service officials about the closure.

"I've had all kinds of phone calls," Bradford. "I thought things had got back to normal. It was business as usual last week. I don't know why they shut down."

Bradford said he reached out to Aderholt in hopes the congressman could find out what caused the problem.

Aderholt spokesman Kreg Kennedy said Friday the Postal Service has a new liaison in Birmingham who is not due back in the office until Monday.

Kennedy said he was attempting to gather information from another manager who could help him, but was told he would have to speak to the new liaison, Stephanie Johnson.

He sent Johnson an email seeking information and informed Bradford of his efforts.

Kennedy said the congressman's office should have been notified about the closure.

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