Democratic 2020 candidates back gun limits after shooting

Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks during a public employees union candidate forum Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says he'd push a voluntary federal buyback program to encourage Americans to give up their military-style weapons and ammunition.

The former vice president told CNN on Monday that the buybacks would be in addition to his push for renewing a lapsed federal ban on any new manufacturing and sales of such firearms.

Biden's comments came following two mass shootings last weekend that left 31 people dead in Texas and Ohio. Federal officials are investigating anti-immigrant bias as a motive in the Texas massacre.

The former vice president says President Donald Trump is encouraging white nationalists with his rhetoric.

Biden stopped short of saying Trump himself is a white supremacist. But Biden says the president talks about immigrants and nonwhites "in almost subhuman terms."


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Ernie Perez

I remember when Mr. Biden suggested that American citizens should only have a double barrel shotgun to protect themselves while He and his family are protected with semi-automatic weapons. My life and the life of my loved ones and friends are as important or more important than his life. The hypocrisy in his part and all the others that think for a minute that they are more important than the least of us! I would like to post this question: If I am in my home cleaning my AR rifle and someone bursts into my house with a shotgun, and I defend myself, which is the "assault" weapon? An Conservative Alabamian would know the answer, a Liberal one would not!!

Drew Talley

Ronald Reagan banned machine guns in the 1980s and Notice no one uses machine guns today because we regulate them and prevent their circulation. The gun man in Ohio killed 10 people in 30 seconds.. I own a gun... I want others to own guns, but nothing should be rapid fire or large capacity. Common sense on guns is needed.

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