190223 MS Flooding 23

A worker stands on a portable pump on Melissa Drive in Nathan Estate in Muscle Shoals during a historic rain event that drenched the Shoals in February. [FILE/TIMESDAILY]

MUSCLE SHOALS — City Council members have unanimously accepted the low bid to install nearly 3,000 feet of new drainage pipe that should help alleviate flooding in the Nathan Estates neighborhood.

Golden Construction of Muscle Shoals submitted the low bid of $144,569, City Clerk Ricky Williams said. 

City Engineer Brad Williams said two other Shoals-based contractors submitted bids.

The project involves installing 2,500 to 3,000 feet of 12-inch diameter pipe that will drain water from the Nathan Estates retention pond into a neighboring area known as "Sweetgum" or "Gum Bottoms."

Williams said the pump can remove up to 4,000 gallons of water per minute. 

Williams said the city successfully negotiated permanent easements with landowners between the retention pond and the area where the stormwater will be drained.

The city has purchased a portable pump that can be attached to permanent connections at the retention pond. The pump can also be used in other areas of the city, if necessary.

Williams said the contract calls for the project to be completed in 45 calendar days, plus another 10 days to clean up the site. He anticipates the project getting underway by the middle of this month and being completed in November.

Several homes in the neighborhood off Wilson Dam Road were flooded during a historic rain event near the end of February. The pond was designed to hold water while it naturally drained into the ground or evaporated, and did not include permanent pumps.

A portable pump was attached to flexible, temporary lines that removed water from the pond.


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