A detailed online survey is available for Shoals residents who are concerned about pedestrian safety on Pine Street, especially inside the section that cuts through the University of North Alabama campus.

The $60,000 study is funded by Shoals Metropolitan Planning Organization planning funds with UNA and the city of Florence covering a 20% local funding match.

NACOLG Transportation and Planning Director Jesse Turner said the survey allows stakeholders to provide detailed input on specific areas along the corridor, and the type of improvements they believe will help the situation.

The study is being conducted by Croy Engineering of Huntsville.

Turner and Croy engineer Andy Somers said they still want to offer an in-person public involvement opportunity later this summer.

The survey allows stakeholders to comment on the study from the safety of their home or office. The survey will be available until May 25.

"The main goal of the study is really to improve pedestrian safety and pedestrian accommodations along the corridor," Somers said

He said a great deal of data has already been collected, including traffic data, vehicle speed data, traffic crash data, mapping data and pedestrian observations. 

Somers said the study should be completed sometime in August.

While the survey is open to anyone, Somers said he would like to get input from people with a vested interest in the area, such as UNA students, people who work at the university, people who live or work on Pine Street, and those who regularly utilize Pine Street.

Hopefully, he said, the study will help provide some improvements along the corridor that are feasible and economically realistic.

Some improvements may be inexpensive while others would have to be prioritized and phased in over time, Somers said.

The input received will be included in the corridor study database, Turner said. The GIS portion can provide the exact location the comment is referring to.

Links to the community input survey and interactive GIS comment map are available at NACOLG.org. The links are found in the shaded box on the right side of the website.

UNA Director for Communications and Marketing Michelle Eubanks said she met Monday with a representative of Croy Engineering.

"He has asked UNA to begin the process of sharing the links to our audiences to get input on the survey,"Eubanks said. "We plan to initiate that communication this week."

Somers said the study was originally expected to take about six months to complete, but the coronavirus pandemic has caused some delays.


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