Colbert roads to be paved:

The roads included in the Colbert County paving program include:

Mount Hester Road, White Pike, North Pike, Hawk Pride Mountain Road, Frankfort Road, Milk Springs Road, Burton Road, Sunset Drive, Spring Road, McKinley Drive, Chess Lane, Zhender Drive, Maclin Circle, Maclin Drive, Blue Road, Three Mile Lane, Gargis Lane, LaGrange Road, Coburn Mountain Road, Airport Road, Margaret Avenue, Ohlson Avenue, Bailey Road, Sycamore Loop, Elm Drive Loop, Lake View Drive Loop, Wilson Lake Shores Road, Hughes Street, Hunter Road, Waterford Drive, Gargis Hollow Road, Alloys Park Road, Veterans Drive, Spout Springs Road, Lakewood View Road, Point Road, Helena Drive, Shaw Road, Hayfield Drive, Hatton School Road, Old Alabama 20, Bailey Street, Leon Douglas Street, Pruitt Drive and New Bethel Road.


TUSCUMBIA — Colbert County commissioners have approved a list of roads that will be resurfaced through a loan that is leveraged by future revenue generated by the state's new gasoline tax.

Commissioners have approved a list of about 50 roads that will be resurfaced, or partially resurfaced, when the project begins later this summer. 

County Engineer John Bedford asked the commission to allow him to borrow money so he could begin resurfacing roads this year. The debt will be repaid through revenue generated by the new gas tax, which goes into effect Oct. 1. It will be several months, however, before the revenue begins to trickle in.

"The law requires us to formally adopt a paving plan for the commission so we can post the roads we intend to pave," Bedford said. "I think the law said you have to have it done by the end of August."

He said cities will also have to adopt plans to show the public how they will spend their money.

Colbert County is ahead of schedule since the state will not begin collecting the first 6 cents of the gasoline tax until October. Another 2 cents will be added in 2020 and again in 2021 for a total of 10 cents per gallon.

"We'll actually be starting the first of September," Bedford said of the paving projects.

He said work will begin in the west end of the county on North Pike, White Pike and Mount Hester Road, then move eastward toward Hawk Pride Mountain Road and other roads.

"The Rogers Group wants to start after Labor Day," Bedford said.

In the meantime, a county Road Department crew is applying chip seal, a mixture of gravel and liquid asphalt, to certain roads, some of which will be covered with blacktop later in the year.

Bedford said the chip seal treatment will help seal cracks in the road before the resurfacing to prevent reflective cracking.

He said there could be resurfacing done in November or December if temperatures are 40 degrees and warming. Chip sealing has to be done in warmer months, he said.

County Administrator Roger Creekmore said the list of roads that will be resurfaced will be placed on the county's website —

"John used a format the Association of County Engineers of Alabama had developed," Creekmore said.

This will allow residents to navigate to the website and see when a particular road is going to be resurfaced.

"It looked like a good looking plan to me," Creekmore said.

Bedford said in some cases, only portions of the roads on the list will be resurfaced.

In the end, the Road Department will resurface 52 miles of county roads with this project at a cost of $3.6 million.

On Monday, a county Road Department crew replaced a drainage culvert on Frankfort Road ahead of the paving project so they would not have to cut into the new pavement that will be laid down.

"I'm very happy with it," County Commissioner Tommy Barnes said of the work. "It's a work in progress."

Barnes said he thinks the public will be pleased with the results.

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