190815 Circular Bank Property

Debris is removed from the lot next to the old circular bank building on Woodward Avenue. [MATT MCKEAN/TIMESDAILY]

MUSCLE SHOALS — A recognizable bank building is being cleared from the corner of Woodward and Avalon avenues to make way for a new branch of Listerhill Credit Union.

Equipment has been moved onto the site of the "round bank" building, and Mayor David Bradford said demolition should begin soon.

"It used to be a First National Bank," Bradford said. "It was pretty recognizable because it was round."

It was also recognizable, he said, because it was a two-story building in a city that at that time had numerous one-story metal buildings.

The building most recently housed Family Security Credit Union.

Chris Anderson, vice president of marketing for Listerhill Credit Union, said blueprints are being developed for the new branch project. He said Listerhill also purchased an adjacent lot to accommodate a larger building on the site.

"We wanted more space," Anderson said. "We wanted a larger branch than what we have in Muscle Shoals now. The style of the building will be very similar to what we built in Killen."

Bradford said the building has always housed financial institutions. He said the last tenant just recently moved out.

"I'm just happy they're utilizing the entire block," Bradford said of the Listerhill project.

While the round building was and still is unique, the mayor said buildings can outlive their purpose.

"You're always thinking about electrical, plumbing and energy efficiency," Bradford said. "It's kind of a strange layout, having curved walls and all."

The mayor said he checked with his father-in-law who said Southgate Mall was constructed in 1968 and the round bank was built between 1968 and 1970. 

Anderson said the building is complicated to work with because of its shape.

He said the city and the public should be happy with the new building.

Listerhill Credit Union is also renovating its branch on Hough Road in Florence.

"We'll probably have multiple projects going on at one time," he said.

A crew began working on the Muscle Shoals site this week, concentrating on the adjacent lot. A track hoe was moved onto the site, but demolition work on the round building had not begun as of Thursday afternoon.

Anderson said construction on the new branch is expected to begin Sept. 25, and the project should be completed by the summer 2020.


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