SHEFFIELD — The Sheffield City Council has voted unanimously to make the city's entertainment district a 365-day a year affair, with some restrictions, according to Mayor Ian Sanford.

The council approved the city's first entertainment district in May 2018.

An entertainment district designation allows the consumption of alcoholic beverages in public on certain days in a defined area in the downtown business district.

Some of those restrictions that will apply have yet to be ironed out, but City Attorney Keith Worsham said the move will no longer require the council to approve a resolution each time the entertainment district is in effect.

While it will be available any day of the week, there will be time restrictions that have yet to be determined, Worsham said.

"It's not like people are going to be walking up and down the streets tomorrow," Sanford said.

Worsham said a beverage cannot be carried from one establishment to another, or to a customer's vehicle. Drinks must be in a certain color cup, which is also being discussed. Sanford said there will be stickers to make the cups easily identified.

Sanford said the change would allow a customer of Vertillo's Pizza to order a beer with their meal and eat it outside in the courtyard next door. Before the change, what would not be allowed.

City Clerk Clayton Kelly said the district boundaries are roughly inside an area from Second Street up Montgomery Avenue to Fifth Street, and east and west down Raleigh and Nashville avenues.

"It's basically the downtown business district," he said. "It's pretty restrictive what you can and can't do without being arrested."

Worsham said the City Council is also expected to approve a similar entertainment district for the proposed Inspiration Landing resort project that will be developed along the Tennessee River off West 20th Avenue.

He said the changes can be rescinded or amended if need be.

"If something happens and it goes wrong, we can always reel it back in," Sanford said.

The changes will go into effect once the council agrees on the time restrictions and type of cups.

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