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Sheffield Mayor Ian Sanford walks along the waters edge at Riverfont Park and talks about spots such as this one, where iron is collapsing and wood beams stick out of the ground. The city has secured $8,000 in grants to have a landscape architect do a study on possible improvements for the park.[MATT MCKEAN/TIMESDAILY]

SHEFFIELD — Mayor Ian Sanford said he has secured grant money that will allow a landscape architect to create a new design for Riverfront Park.

Sanford said he's enlisted the services of San Barnett of G.B. Planning and Design of Decatur to help enhance the look at the park.

"Nothing has been done aesthetically to that park since it's been put in," Sanford said.

The mayor has secured a $7,025 grant from the Resource Conservation and Development Council, and a $1,000 Community Development Block Grant for a total of $8,025.

The grants do not require a match from the city and will cover the cost of the study, Sanford said.

Sanford said Barnett has worked on similar projects for the city, including the Little League baseball field and the scenic overlook at the historic standpipe at the north end of Montgomery Avenue.

"I know him well and he's very talented," Sanford said.

Sanford said he wants to tap into Barnett's creativity to "freshen up" the appearance of the park.

"He and I have been been down there," Sanford said. "We're trying to work in a few more parking places."

Parks and Recreation Department Director Ricky Canup said the mayor expressed interest in doing something about the fencing in the park.

"I'm kind of tired of those split-rail fences," Sanford said. 

Canup said he knew the mayor was seeking grant money for the park.

"Anything we can do to enhance to look of it," Canup said of the plans. "Hopefully, we'll be able to get the climbing wall in with some (Federal Emergency Management Agency) money."

He said they have also discussed what to do with the stage at the western part of the park.

Sanford said he wasn't sure if the park needed the stage since the proposed Inspiration Landing resort development would include an amphitheater.

The mayor said he doesn't know if the City Council will utilize the plan once it's completed. City Council elections take place next year.

Sanford said the City Council during Monday's meeting approved the invoice Barnett submitted for the work. He said the invoice had to be paid before RC&D will reimburse the city.


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Thomas Barnes

I guess my previous comment wasn't off topic....

Clip:" Canup said of the plans. "Hopefully, we'll be able to get the climbing wall in with some (Federal Emergency Management Agency) money."

Thomas Barnes

The previous comment was off-topic. My apologies.

Thomas Barnes

Hmmmm. I wonder how a recreational climbing wall can be classified as an emergency needing monies from an agency whose purpose is to fund disaster recovery? This doesn't quite meet the description of what FEMA is supposed to be used for:


Maybe we didn't get the whole story?

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