ELGIN — An 18-year-old man who was apparently involved in multiple vehicle thefts and a multi-county chase died early Saturday morning after the stolen car he was driving crashed in the Elgin area, law enforcement officials said.

The victim's name was not available, but Lauderdale County Coroner Butch Tucker said the 18-year-old man was transferred to North Alabama Medical Center following a crash at about 3 a.m. on Alabama 101 near Elgin.

Tucker said was the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital at about 4 a.m.

"Alabama State Troopers are assisting with the investigation," the coroner said.

Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency Director George Grabyran said Lauderdale 911 reported a single-vehicle fatality involving an 18-year-old who was involved in car thefts in Florence and Colbert counties.

Colbert County Sheriff Frank Williamson said the suspect was from Lincoln County. He was driving a stolen vehicle when he stole a truck in Tuscumbia. 

"Then he went to Maud and broke into a house," Williamson said. "He ran out of gas evidently in that old truck, and stole another vehicle."

The sheriff said Cherokee Police gave pursuit, but lost the suspect, as did Colbert County deputies.

"From there he must have went to Lauderdale County," Williamson said. "He was wild. I knew it was going to end bad."

The chase also involved officers from the Florence and Killen police departments and the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff Rick Singleton said the department was involved, but was not the lead agency. He said the suspect was driving a stolen vehicle.

Efforts Saturday to reach officials with the Florence Police Department and Alabama Law Enforcement Troopers were unsuccessful.


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Genoa Aigner

And I'm so sorry about my auto correct in a time like this I shouldn't even be having to take out for my baby they shouldn't be doing stuff like this to make yourself look better the places he's my auto-correct I know it's horrible I just read it thank you for reading it we love you all

Genoa Aigner

and my son was driving his friend's car a white Mitsubishi SUV to the rising crust but he came out of the rising crust he got into a white Mitsubishi SUV exactly like the one he drove in except it wasn't I think it was a simple mistake the police were already looking for the other white SUV that his friend called his feeling cuz he had me up back on time so they started chasing him play the rising crust pretty close to that I think Florence police almost all the way to Rogersville and 112 miles an hour could they not have thought of something else like throwing Nails on the road or something and backing off and letting my baby slow down I'm not be scared to death it shows him going off the road it shows them a show skid marks will they probably hit him in the rear end shows and going off the road I'm going off to it shows him going through the grass and hitting a ravine flippening the car kept going and then he almost got back out like way on down and then another car comes in skid marks show that it hits him in the front end and and then his body does just drops of blood down the concrete below it where water runs not where you hit the back of his head or nothing I don't know why it's just a little drops something's not right it should have been handled this way I mean do they not go to school and learn how to handle situations without Florence Rogersville and killing police after my baby that shouldn't even been driving in the first place and I know he was so scared he just wanted his mommy cuz you would have called me and asked me what to do with his phone was dead and couldn't get it to charge it was so upset as Burgers when they're worried about something it's like worried to death hundred percent they can't stop thinking about it and ask for all of the accusations that they're saying like Howard County stolen vehicle it was my sister's car he was spending the night with her and he left and it's take his friend to the doctor he left the car he didn't he didn't like run off with it and get rid of it or nothing and he never broke into no house I don't even know where Mom street is and he's not what from wherever they said he was he did not steal a truck I don't know where that come from cuz we've been asleep all day cuz it was set up snuggling all night and talkin he was telling me everything was going to be fine and that we were strong family we don't have anybody but each other and then we were going to get through this and we were going to be all right he was going to be somebody and it was going to take care of me when he could go back to school he said all I want to do is go back to school and hang out with his friends and he wanted people start treating him like a baby like his real age said he's being too much and he didn't want to see no more cuz he's always been such a big boy and everybody thought he was older and they would do things that they shouldn't do around them adults and stuff when I wasn't around so I asked for the justice system I have no faith in the justice system I'm so disappointed in the justice system how they've done my family and how they pulled me over and done so many things so many citations so many tickets so much stuff to my baby him hide and want to go to school couldn't go to school couldn't get this license he has a truck he can't even drive because I told him he wasn't ready because he had to get his permit and get his license cuz that's the way it's supposed to be done and he wasn't ready to be alone like that my baby has been alone and on the streets and struggling and surviving and with bad people for almost 6 months probably because of these authority figures that supposed to be here to help us they need programs to get these people extra college or something to learn how to deal with people something's wrong with our system especially when we've got the authority setting up other people to set up other people that don't even do anything we've got a problem we got a very big problem in the cities that are closest to me so if you're going to write a story you wrapped a real story I would appreciate that my baby deserves that it cost him his life cuz the other people's stupidity and not listening I just want to say I love my baby Mommy's little man with all my heart and I know God is going to take care of him he's got a plan and I would think about him every single minute of my life my daughter and him was my only reason for existence as God after my cancer let me live long enough to just let my children be able to take care of their self and then I'll be ready to go I didn't know my baby was going to get taken first he a future and I think even as adults we all know when someone has a problem the last thing we do is push it in their head push it in their head there they got this problem they can't do this absolutely not because what are we doing that big chocolate cake is sitting in front of us in the kitchen on the table and we're on a diet we cannot have it we eat that chocolate cake it's just it's just psychology and I don't have college to know that it's just common sense you change your thinking I beg for help but they said I was crazy but I know my son and say Hannah took him out of my home he would be alive today and he wouldn't have been on the streets smoking pot and doing drugs or anything and hungry having to sleep at people's homes where he don't feel comfortable and I kept is in way too long everyone around me has watched Our Lives be destroyed and everything I've worked hard for for my children has been taken away even my child so y'all just please say a prayer for my family...

Ashton your mommy's world you're the air that I breathe you're my reason for existence. you are my everything.


you already know!!!

Mommy is always with you..

Genoa Aigner

💗Mommies lil man💗

Is absolutly the most amazing , free spirited, always forgiving, outgoing, loving, compassionate, always eager to help ful of life soul that i have ever been blessed to be a part of. . With. a laugh that was so contagious, from onother room that you couldnt help but laugh too. So ful of life.

This baby has went threw more heartache than most people have had in a life time.

I have tried to teach my children that authority figures are here to help us and guide us threw the learning stages of our life.

Well i am not going to sit here on this day and let those words come out of my mouth . And for my son i will stand up and tell the truth , my family has went threw the most horrible 2 years of an unwakable nightmare that no child should ever have to endure . with there mommy reassuring her babies every day that God has a plan that there is a reason for the. These authority' figures to beat down our doors at all hours stopping and harrasing and searched every adult and child that rode past our house, because one afternoon after school my son and his buddies was drug out of our storage building and off of our property because a few authority figures happen to be stopping by and smelt marijuana coming from my property. (That a man for no reason gave my son the night before) resulting in my son being held in the street till i got back from walmart so he could to be transported to juvenile detention before one of the officers shoved his 6'3. Body in the police car my son begged for me to please ask them not to strip him naked and put a staight jacket on him in that little room with one whole in the door for 6 days like before because he said he felt like he was goung to die so i pleaded with the officers to please not let them do this again. They assured me they. Wouldnt. Because it was against the law.. . My son is pleading to stay home

with me like the other kids were doing whith there families . so he hugged me tight and i kissed him and said just pray baby then give it to god and go to sleep there here to help us he said ok mommie i love u.. So shortly after we find out he is not allowed to come home because we might be having sexual relations. Because normal families dont kiss and hug there children. As a very protective mother that homeschooled untill i seperated from my husband and my children have never been to a baby sitter or spent the night at anyones home and had no interest in doing so. Ashton was diagnosed with asburgers and ADHD at a very young age and didnt ajust well with change or being restained he still did not understand consequence.. I was outraged they wanted to drug test me because there was no reason i should have allowed my son to get a hold of marijuana at the age of 16 and i was not doung my job that i should even go to the bathroom with him like a good mother would . so i said fine drug test me i have nothing to hide, i was given a test and it tested positive for meth.

She said well well in front of everyone your a meth head i said no mam. I am not i want to see the test. But the nurse instrument me that she went to college to learn to read that test and i did not so i demanded another test the case worker said fine give me $75 and ill get another .i said thats really high but ok . She then raised her voice stating i could pay as many $75. As i wanted but she decided she would just go with thst one. I said well can u send it off to the lab because i just googled it and it said adderal would test positive for meth. And i take adderal they said no no no it does not . and that i dont know what im talking about and proceeded to make fun of me saying that no normal person talks as much as me and told my daughter while walking threw the lobby that i was not normal and she would fix me for sure. The nurse said Sign over your specimen to me and i will send it off.to be tested.... So untill results come back I'm not alliwed to be alone or sleep in the same home as my son, who had never been away from home.. On a surprise visit to my sisters i excidedly ask did she get the results back and infront of my child and 3 grandbabies and all her neighbors she put her hand on my chest and yelled in my face just face it your a meth head my god and i didnt send it off we already know your results .and said ok well then do one now and i said ok and passed but that wasnt good enough so she made me do another.. Then left angry and demanded us to get to dhr before she gave Ashton to foster parents. Fter all of us. Showed up she made us all repeat over and over that Ashton teeth was not important as much as his help connect class that we needed to figure out what was most important Health Connect for teeth Health Connect or over and over and over because we had to take Ashton an emergency visit that is doctor and called because his feelings were falling out and they're in the front and they're going to try to put caps it was real bad Basicly it turned in to them forcing my son to stay with his father that had decided to tell his son and his older sister that loved him so much that he did not have children and to get the f. Off his property. But that was not a problem for them. So he was instructed to tske my son to the board of education for his classes that was suppose to excell him to the next grade .. But they assured us this was not a punishment. But still not to set foot on the school property or go to any ballgames or school functions. And no friends because they were all bad kids. They were bad influences. Well he lived on 101 and had a flat taking Ashton one day and got someone else to drop him off and sign him in.. But tjey decided this person needed an id to sign him in or they would call the law they couldnt help that they had a flat so told them to leave and get one . dhr promised to enroll ashton at Hatton school. And give his dad bedroom suit and anything else he might need for my son since his dad said he had nothing. When DhR showed back up a month later during the school year. To pull Ashton out of his home so she could check eith him anout the school that she never got started and he adk her to leave the property. Resulting in every safety plan. Homes door in florence, sheffield, and Leighton to be beat on and homes searched and throwed around insisting the owner was lying about Ashton not being there. And our Sheffield home was visited 3 times. Daily for months with neighbors calling saying they was getting our mail out and reading it sitting in my Lincoln going threw my bags. And using there credit cards to help there selves into our home. Not to mention visiting the neighbors and friends and employers informing them that we was drug dealers. And on drugs and why would they have people like us around there family.. While. Ashton and his Father was picking up laundry at our home while i was working his dad desideds to run to the store up the road while Ashton takes a shower because there plumbing is messed up..at there home . DHR does there normal gathering police and banging on the door for the third time that day and notices it is unlocked so help there self in our home and wait for Ash to come out from the shower and says grab your clothes your my custody now.. So Ashton calls while he is her custody and ask me to please come get him. And to please not let her take him into other peoples homes. Then he says hold on mom and the social worker begins to tell him how he. Will never avoid her again and that she will destroy his mothers like and his fathers and then she said i will take your sisters baby and i will destroy her.. So he ran the first chance he got and the worker continued her promises.. She had all law inforcments in the surrounding. Counties search high and low busting down my dors flipping our beds throwing our clothes out of all our closets looking threw all of our drawers poring them out just incase Ashton might have been in one of them. I stop staying at the house way before this .i felt so unsafe in my own home. Everyone being pulled over everytime you step foot outside. Prowling threw all of our yards at night on foot. Ashton living from home to home hungry and scared everyrhing in our home was slowly stolen . but they never seen 6. 65 & 75inch tv and 3 lawnmowers and every single item of value walk off my property.. So if you wonder why my son didnt stop after the police started the chase going 112 miles an hr after my baby that was about the mentle state of a 16 year old. From florence to Rogersville .. I know my baby was so scared. He was so excited to be going with his friend because she had been letting him take her vehicle and joyride for a while . i had complained because i felt he was not mentaly stable enough to drive alone .. Then i receive a call that his phone was not charging and he was trying to find me and said that four men tried to jump him and his friend told him to hurry and jump in the car and leave so they wouldn't hurt him and that he was afraid that she might have called the law because he had been gone longer than he usually was i told him he has to take the car back it's not ours and he said he was visiting a friend pass Florence toward Leighton and that he would I begged him please please tell me where you are and he told me not to worry that he had this everything's going to be fine and that i was his world. And i love you mommy. Then he said cheeee[whistling]

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