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Tuscumbia Councilwoman Katie Logan

TUSCUMBIA — In an effort to help brick-and-mortar businesses, the city is promoting "Tuscumbia 30," which encourages residents to shop in Tuscumbia for a 30-day period.

City Councilwoman Katie Logan said the promotion is a mental challenge to residents to only spend money in Tuscumbia between March 1-30, even though March has 31 days.

"We're so close to Sheffield and Muscle Shoals, it's so easy to get gas in Muscle Shoals or Sheffield, or run over to the Dollar General in Sheffield," Logan said.

With several holidays approaching, including Easter and Mother's Day, Logan said she hopes residents will shop for flowers, gifts and Easter dresses at shops and boutiques in Tuscumbia. 

"It's a mindset for 30 days; you challenge yourself to do that," she said.

The city first held Tuscumbia 30 in 2017 due to requests from the business community. It was held again in 2018, but skipped 2019.

The event will have dedicated Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Mayor Kerry Underwood said he likes the idea.

"This was Katie's brainstorm from the beginning," Underwood said. "She's a businesswoman, and she's strategic like that. It's beneficial for our business owners. It's almost like public awareness."

While he did not look at total revenue numbers after the 2017 and 2018 events, Underwood said he did notice increased foot traffic downtown during that time period. Both of those events were also held in March.

The mayor said he suspects for some residents Tuscumbia 30 extends beyond March, and they continue to try and shop in their city.

"I know lot of people shared things from Facebook page and there was a lot of talk about it," Logan said of the previous promotions. "We're really going to push it."

Logan said the business climate is difficult for brick-and-mortar businesses and she just wants to do something to help them.

"They employ people in the community, college students, single moms," she said. "They're the ones giving back to the community when there's a fundraiser. If we don't save those brick-and-mortar stores and family owned restaurants, we're going to crumble."


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