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Walter Bradford

Given the global pandemic ravaging the world, seeing the flag in it's distress position is very apropos because America is in Distress. Our Leader was too glib in responding to the warnings about coronavirus and then was unwilling to help "epicenter" localities unless those political leaders (were nice to him). We have Americans dying by the scores and we have a leader worried about being televised to make up for lost campaign time, refusing proven requests for filtration face masks, ventilators, face shields, surgical gowns, even protective rubber gloves. All of these requests not only protects one patient from being infected by another but most importantly, they protect our Medical Personnel around America from being infected, carrying home to their families and Heaven forbid, they dying themselves. Even with these non-durable medical supplies, America is already losing brave, educated and caring members of the Medical Profession. As Americans depending on Americans to salvage our Democracy and our joyful way of life, I would like to ask, no beg all Americans but especially my newly adopted Alabamian Family to please contact President Trump, ask him to please always defer to his Medical Task Force when it comes to the real needs of the Emergency Response Teams around our state and our nation for everything. Further, it is fair to implore upon Mr. Trump to keep Vanity & Partisan Politics far and away from this very real National Emergency. An Infant died two days ago while under hospitalization, that is far more important than Trump jabbing Governor Cuomo over COVID-19. Further Alabama, forget who is a Democrat, Republican or Independent and just be concerned about their Humanity. Our very own Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has herself done a remarkable job as an American Leader! She has not resorted to any negativity. Her sole concern is that of each and every Alabamian. We need more real Leaders like Governor Ivey! The Medical Staff of Trump's Task Force have now projected that America may sustain anywhere from 100,000 - 200,000 deaths. Initially they suggested no more than 20,000 deaths which this administration mocked as being a number far lower than the death rate of the annual Flu in America. That attitude has changed I am happy to report. There is nothing funny about this Modern Black Plague, it is here to kill! Let's join and kill it! Respect & Salutations to All Alabamians.

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