There's a message going around on social media that gives this piece of advice concerning the coronavirus pandemic:

"First time in history we can save the human race by laying in front of the TV and doing nothing. Let's not screw this up!"

That's a pretty good way to promote the goal of self-quarantining while providing a little chuckle in the midst of a terrible time.

As with any major incident, there are interesting responses and reactions going on out there. A look through various news items has found some unusual tidbits surrounding the nation's response to the pandemic.

One comes from an article about a survey from Mentimeter. The first sentence in the article pretty much sums up what is going on out there: "A survey of stay-at-home workers in the United States suggests 12% of workers have kept their cameras switched off during video calls due to a lack of clothing."


The articles explains that Mentimeter is an interactive presentation tool that surveyed 1,500 people who are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and have to participate in video calls as part of their job.

The survey also revealed 44% of the respondents said they dress in more professional attire when involved in the video meetings, and 16% have upgraded the rooms in their homes where they engage in the video sessions so they will look more professional.

I definitely can relate to that second part.

"Now, we can see by the — uh, Bernie, is that a Mr. T piggy bank on your desk?"

And yes, I really have one, and no, you can't have it.

Another great American response to the virus has been to — for no reason anyone has yet to understand — grab as much toilet paper as possible.

That has produced the need for this news item out of Newport, Oregon: "A police department in Oregon is urging people that if they’ve run out of toilet paper, it’s not worth calling 911."


When I read that, the first thing that came to mind was, "It's hard to believe that the police department even has to post that," which is funny, because the next quote in the article came from the department, and went, "It’s hard to believe that we even have to post this."

I mean, seriously, what are the police supposed to do?

"Sorry, we can't respond to that bank robbery. We've got a T.P. emergency on Hilldale Street."

So, people, don't call 911 if you run out of paper. These are challenging times, so just improvise and use whatever type of paper is available.

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