The Issue: U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt is facing opposition in Tuesday’s Republican primary. We believe Aderholt is the best choice for representing much of north Alabama in Congress.

One of the hallmarks of good congressional representation is constituent service, and by most accounts, U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt earns good marks in that category.

Aderholt was first elected in 1996, and presently serves on the House Appropriations Committee, which bodes well for his Fourth Congressional District.

Elected officials have found Aderholt, of Haleyville, is quietly effective helping deliver federal assistance for state and local projects. That is one of the reasons we can recommend him to voters.

Though very conservative, Aderholt rarely espouses his views in big media forums, and that shows some restraint others should adopt.

Having served in Congress for nearly 20 years, Aderholt is versed in Washington’s ways, and is well known by his colleagues. He represents a steady presence that tells Washington he has the trust of his constituents.

Though Aderholt is generally not a publicity seeker with his views, he is clearly in the tea party camp. A number of his constituents subscribe to that brand of political thinking, but he has many constituents who do not, and he would be wise to downplay those leanings. The virulent anti-Obama rhetoric of the right is divisive and counterproductive to good government.

What’s been lost by many in Washington is the art of compromise. The loud posturing of both parties has left the government in a state of paralysis, and the people are not being served by their elected officials because they have lost the capacity to govern.

Aderholt’s opponent in the primary is even further to the right, saying he would work to abolish any form of government-sponsored health care.

The political rhetoric of Washington is eroding the public’s faith in the government. The 24-hour TV news cycle is amplifying the divisions. It would be refreshing, even restorative, if elected officials began bridging the divide, and Aderholt could be one of those elected officials if he so chose.

He has shown he can work with a wide range of elected officials back home in Alabama, some of whom are Democrats. For that reason, he is the best choice to represent District Four in Congress.


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