The U. S. Census has become a divisive force in American culture.

It divides up people by gender, race and other characteristics. It gives employment opportunities to sociologists, psychologists and others that seek to help people, but wind up separating people. They want to know how many blacks do this, how many Asians do that, etc.

Many of these so-called researchers depend on the taxpayers, so they will scream and holler if any of their funding is taken away. Other groups also badger Congress for money based on Census data.

One of these days we are going to look at people and say, “You are an American. Who gives a hoot whether you are a black American, Hispanic American, or some other type of American.”

And, since you are an American, you should have the same opportunity that any other American has to have a successful life. You should have a chance for a full life, access to freedom, and a chance for full happiness.

Getting back to the Census, it only requires the number of people to be counted. However, Congress has gone far beyond this and put in all sorts of stupid questions that are none of their business.

If a person is treated wrong, then the needs of that person should be addressed regardless of his/her sex, skin color or anything else.

We strongly need to get away from grouping people to find out their group needs. We need to concentrate on individuals.

Tom Jones



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David Rau

The constitution says we must count people in the country no where does it say that a question asking if you are an American citizen should be asked. . Sincerely David Rau

Paul Kersey

A lot of people have a problem with the question "Are you an American citizen"

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