It’s no surprise, really, that Gov. Kay Ivey’s mandatory mask order has spawned a backlash of resistance from those who consider such regulations an infringement on their civil rights.

Ivey’s own lieutenant governor, Will Ainsworth, was among them. Ainsworth in an emailed statement called the order “an overstep that infringes upon the property rights of business owners and the ability of individuals to make their own health decisions.”

What about the health of others? You don’t wear a mask for your own protection. You do it for the protection of others. And clearly, such protection is needed right now.

The alarming growth in the number of COVID-19 cases in the past month left Ivey with little choice.

The numbers don’t lie. As of Thursday at noon, there were 60,158 confirmed virus cases in Alabama, with 18,963 (31.5%) of those being reported in the past two weeks. There has been 1,200 deaths.

Hospitalizations have increased to the point they are now straining the state’s medical resources.

Helen Keller Hospital President Kyle Buchanan reported Wednesday his hospital has seen a 42% increase recently in the number of patients being treated for the disease.

Avoiding government intervention would have been preferable, but given the expanding spread of the virus and divided public sentiment, the face mask order was necessary. For months state officials have encouraged the general public to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and practice good hygiene procedures.

Statistics are proof positive that not enough Alabamians have chosen the right path.

If you don’t want to live under a mask mandate, good. Every Shoals area resident can do something right now to make that not happen: You can start wearing masks voluntarily.

Ivey will revisit her order at the end of the month. If we all make this short-term sacrifice, it’s possible the upward trend for this disease will reverse its course.

One last thing, be considerate of the business owners and employees where you are shopping or dining. Don’t create more stress and problems for businesses owners and employees who are already on edge because the pandemic has caused financial strife.

These employees are simply following state guidelines. They do not want to argue with you or hear rants about your rights. They want to work — and make a living. Be kind and let them.

We are all in this together. This is not an infringement of our rights as society has many mandates for the greater good — such as the wearing of seat belts.

Wearing a mask, while not necessarily pleasant, is not much of a sacrifice to make to reduce the devastating impact of the coronavirus.

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(10) comments

David Rau

Why does Adam Scott want to continue to lie about wearing a mask? What the Journal of the American Medical Association really said as late as July 19 is and these are there words. " There is increasing evidence that cloth face coverings help prevent people who have covid-19 from spreading it to others." Also the CDC, Dr, Fauci, the World Health Organization and everyone else except Trump are asking people to do so. Do you want to take advice from a former reality show host that cheated oh is SAT's to get into college? Just wear your mask in public Adam Scott you can't now go into to any stores and not wear one.

Adam Scott

“The Journal of the American Medical Association” said:

“Face masks should not be worn by healthy individuals to protect themselves from acquiring respiratory infection because there is no evidence to suggest that face masks worn by healthy individuals are effective in preventing people from becoming ill.”

There is NO evidence.

David Rau

Who are these people that are gathering numbers and telling lies. You cant tell us but we do know that Trump wants hospitals to send their numbers of patients and deaths directly to the WH instead of the CCD You don't see a problem with that i suppose?

Walter Bradford

Dear Mr. Rau, Mr. (t)rump has been the worst offender regarding the viral spread of coronavirus/COVID-19. His official position is all over the map and has been how many times since December 2019? So his counsel, none of us need nor should we seek.

Chuck Woolery is a long ago "terminated" game show host that has turned in to one of the most corrosive, unintelligible (t)rump/GOP supporters since 2015. Mr. Woolery declared inn a June/July "Tweeter" rant that Dr. Fauci was lying about the virus, The CDC was lying about the virus, that "WHO" was lying about it and that "MOST" not all doctors and medical experts were lying about the virus. Well (t)rump, looking for support from any corner was told about Woolery's tweets and (t)rump retweeted them reinforcing them as "another Republican who knows the truth". And of course, with the GOP falling down by every measure for the campaign resolution in November 2020, they are hanging on to each other with baseless Conspiracy Theories for comfort. Well as Chuck Woolery's tweet have made the "demented" trip around the internet, last Thursday, July 16, 2020, Chuck Woolery announced that his son has contracted COVID-19 and while being in good health and asymptomatic he asked for prayers for his son. Woolery's Spokesman confirmed the news as accurate, timely that same day. Since July 16, 2020, Chuck Woolery has disconnected his "Twitter" account and has not returned any inquiries sent him or his agent. In other words my GOP friends of (t)rump he's embarrassed, wrong and his counsel may now lead to further infections or worse, death.

Governor "Granny" Kay Ivey was derelict in closing Alabama and then again in her reopening. Even the mandatory requirement to mask, effective July 31, 2020, she claims she did not want to have to enforce because she did not want to make people angry. Well now Governor "Granny" isn't that just too bad!

People claim their "freedoms" and Civil Rights" are under fire with the new masking law. lol! Are you people real??? Protecting yourself if you don't wish to wear a mask may be one thing but protecting me by your masking is my thing. Americans are so selfish, so Silly so UNChristian that they want to risk not only their own lives but everyone's life that has to work, shop, travel, play around them. Now that is YOU Violating MY Civil Rights, my Freedom to live without fear, discrimination or illegal activities or conduct. So practice what you preach people of Alabama quit studying the lint in your own "belly-button" and start thinking about your neighbor's (4) year old child that may die from infection. A simple N95 face respirator eliminates up to 95% of small particles. A simple cloth face covering can help protect you from infection but is most effective at protecting the person near you from contracting the illness from you. I'm told the old 3M type masks used in woods shops, around paint sprayers or by Lawn Contractors is the lest effective.

PLEASE go to and then type face masking and you will see several articles and pages populate. The MAYO Clinic has no vested interest in the business of the virus, COVID-19 or any treatment of this KILLER. They are very similar to Johns-Hopkins University, their business is keeping people like you ALIVE!

Please Alabamians, use your Heads for something more than a hat rack. Trump does not tell the whole truth on anything, you know that by now, don't you?? He never mentions a word about the Secret Service not allowing anyone within 10 feet of him without them being masked and tested first. Trump himself has (3) doctors at his side, everyday, all day long, Pence has one as well. These people received periodical injections as a beef up for immunity building. They are not Super-Human, it's just one more Trump television act/Smoke & Mirrors. See through his guise and lies!

Mr. David Rau best to you and yours and the same to you folks that do not believe Mr, Rau, he nor I want you ill or any member of your family but neither should you want that for your friends, relatives, neighborhood.

Walter A. Bradford Florence

John Dixon

I am not against wearing mask. In fact I am all for it. However I do take issue with one statement in this article. “The numbers don’t lie” . Technically that’s true. However the folks who gather and compile and report those numbers certainly do lie all the time though. They just call it spin.

James Baker

This is so true. Which is fearmongering.

Walter Bradford

Mr. John Dixon sir, how many boxes of masks have you been through? You claim to be all for Masking but your post says otherwise? Why the contradiction? You either are for the wearing and protection or you're not. There is a really nifty $500.00 fine with this law as issued and or the possibility of Jail time or both. The "Liars figure and figures lie" axiom is true but not at play here. No one who is providing these statistics has any vested reason to lie. They get business whether there is a pandemic or not. Trump wants everyone to forget the pandemic because if we did, then the economy would reopen faster, it would greatly improve in time for Election and his chances of being reelected would substantially improve. That's his only reason, it isn't about you, your health your family's health, Trump has a family he doesn't give a darn about yours. Heck he doesn't care about his own except what he can get out of them for his own improvement.

Remember, wearing a Mask may save a life and if that (1) life saved is by your actions, think how much closer to God that will make you?

Walter A. Bradford Florence

David Rau

Adam Scott knows that their is no research saying that wearing masks does no good.. And the only person getting played is Adam Scott by corrupt Trump.

James Baker

David Rau it has been said that if you test positive to quarantine. So called experts have said wear a mask to protect yourself but there is NO research that says they will. Thats based on wearing cloth covering, which the Mandate says. It fearmongering that makes the few need to cover. Haters blame Trump. VOTE TRUMP 2020

Adam Scott

Wearing a mask does not prevent the spread of the covid virus. Do a little research and you will find this to be a fact. It does make people feel better about getting out so we are stuck with this misunderstanding of covid. Anybody believing this nonsense about masks preventing a person from getting covid is being played.

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