Let’s congratulate the National Spelling Bee champions. Yes, champions — eight of them tied. And what was really impressive was that seven of the eight were first- and second-generation immigrants. Mind-boggling.

Speaking of immigrants, I looked at several sites online and found that between 86 percent and 94 percent of the people seeking asylum on our southern border were Christians. Again, mind-boggling in the sense that our great white Christian nation would refuse to even hear their claims for asylum. How so very Christ-like.

And last, but not least, there’s the Robert Mueller report from his own mouth. I have said before that anyone who only watches or reads right- or left-leaning publications and programs doesn’t always get the truth.

Mueller leaves no doubt that Donald Trump either tried to, or did, obstruct justice 9 to 10 times. These instances are laid out in black and white. Don’t ever take my word for anything. I always encourage folks to find the facts themselves and decide.

If you look at the accomplishments of Richard Nixon, they were numerous: opened up China, clean air and water acts, Nuclear Arms Control treaties, Title IX passage and much more. However, the man obstructed justice.

One sure way of knowing how you really feel about these things is to imagine that Trump is a Democrat and, after looking at the real facts, you make a decision.

Rodney Osbirn



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Jacob Pasley

Is this more of your fake news?

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