To all the folks out there who support abortions under the guise of “a woman’s right,” I would like to to propose a simple exercise.

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(3) comments

David Rau

Planed Parenthood receives very little funding from the Federal Govt. and it's primary mission is to help poor women receive contraceptive advice and contraceptives. Because the Republican party is always trying to destroy Planed Parenthood is evidence that the so called Right to Life people want to eliminate all forms of birth control and they do not deny this.

Scott Jackson

David, what do you mean "no tax money pays for abortions"? Have you ever heard of the Government funded organization Planned Parenthood? Where do you think the Government gets those funds?

David Rau

Here is a test for you. What are you going to say to a girl or woman when she is forced to bare a baby that has down syndrome or is a victim of rape or incest. What are you going to tell her that a Govt. took away her right to choose? And by the way no tax money pays for abortions that has been illegal for years.

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